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    My name is Brett and I have always since I was a kid been interested in survival instances. I believe that I was first intriged by a Disney Movie called The Other Side of the Mountain. It was about a young boy that was interested in Falconry and living on his own in the wild.

    As a kid I was a Boyscout and loved camping and fishing and survival. I have always had something in the back of my mind that says be more than prepared. I have learned to 4wheel, hunt, fish, camp, cook, weld, woodwork, sew and have many more talents. I have watched all of the survival series show that I can get my hands on. I am very self sufficient and have something always telling me to pay attention in the times.

    I have always had the feeling that there are others like me. And I have figured out there are the majority of people are sheep. Something inside me tells me that something will happen in my lifetime. I dont know what it is but I am always prepared for it. Whether it be a natural disaster or man made I am ready. In fact I would like to live someday off the grid and self sufficient.

    Thanks for letting me introduce myself and chat.

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    Peace Brett - Enjoy the forum!

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    Howdy and Welcome Brett............:D
  4. Welcome Brett!!! Please share some of your knowledge when you have the opportunity. I have what I consider to be a good start on the self-sufficiency lifestyle, but I learn numerous new things from others everytime I am able to get on and read the posts. Having been on another forum for some time, I have really enjoyed the opportunity to ask others the questions that I have. I have gotten a great amount of knowledge from others sharing what has worked for them and what has not.
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    Welcome Brett, I used to read every survival book as a kid too! I try to be prepared and have realized that there are a few areas that need a lot of improvement in my household. Mainly, storing/caching more food...Yes, I have some but not enough. It's hard for me to believe that so many are unaware that they should be prepared.
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    Howdy.hope you like it here. :)