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So this only involves people who DO NOT have to take insulin. So I went through this myself. Years later, after I found out, I had diabetes. I also found out I was having my kidneys or liver failing. Who cares.

I am in no way a medical professional.

When I was told, my liver or kidneys were failing, after becoming a diabetic officially. Various staff came around, acting all frantic around me, A.K.A. panicking basically. I think I laughed at them, or something similar. But I did not panic, and become traumatized, and stop thinking. You see, they taught me never to trust a word they say.

So I pee too much. Who cares? When you are older, it's not the same. You need to really focus on emptying your bladder. It will probably surprise you. And if you go to the bathroom at the slightest urging. Your bladder weakens even more. Try to hold for a time. It makes a big deal. Like in few months or less. Really hard to do at first. You might have some small accidents at first oh well. Beats diapers. I would pick diapers over pills.

So whenever I went to the doctor. After I realized certain things personally. I would always tell the doctor, I was not drinking enough water. Explain things to them.They never cared.

So eventually they told me I was a diabetic. So then OK, I agreed to go to a diabetic clinic, and I told that specialist to, at the clinic. and explained facts to them about what happens, when I drink enough water, for like a week. She did not care either.

So I was not drinking enough water, and for weeks at a time, from being sick with the flue and worst sometimes, from being around the junkies, and such, making me sick on purpose. So when you then, go to the hospital, and they give you tests. You have false high levels of toxins, and if you eat junk food. Even higher levels of sugar in your body because, there is not enough water in you to clean them out of you, when you use the bathroom. Only so much sugar can dissolve in a given amount of water. Same for other toxins to.

So every time I went to the hospital. I was always sick, and they eventually told me, I will become a diabetic basically. Then years later apparently I got diabetes to start.

So it is VERY IMPORTANT that you go to the hospital when you feel good, to get a checkup, and blood works, done on you to. And you need to drink lots of water for a week or two before you show up to the hospital. I feel thirst too some times, and they imply that's bad. Your body is telling you to drink more water. So drink more water. To flush out the toxins out. When they tell you that, you are scared, and react by drinking even less water, which in the real world, makes your problem(s) even worst. A life time buildup of toxins and a weak bladder, etc. Starting to display themselves finally.

Same if they give you blood thinners. Water thins out your blood to. Takes weeks of drinking water. Must keep up with it too. For all these problems.

Based upon my own personal experiences with myself. These problems are mostly caused by my own personal bad habits. So fixable.

So I agreed to go to the diabetics clinic. What I got there, was a blood test electronic meter, for blood sugar levels. I was also a huge electronics hobbyist as a kid and teenager. I did lots of experiments as a kid. Including with various sensors, and I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt. That the results are not as nearly as cut and dry as they are acted to be like. It's not the sensor. It's getting accurate results, in the real world, that is the problem. Well accurate sensors output. Garbage data in, garbage data out. Depend upon heat, water, maybe light level, contamination, etc. Stray currents, quality components, etc. All circuit have errors and are built to tolerances. The sensors do the reading. Lets say you have a salt crystal on you finger tip and take a blood sample. The sample of blood being used, will be grossly contaminated. Imagine sugar instead?

So because I am a experimenter by nature, and know about sensors somewhat. I started doing experiments with the glucose meter electricity based, disposable probe on my own. Not caring about having test strip electricity based meter probes, last till the end of the month.

I realized that if you have any sugar or SALT on your finger tips, it gives you a false high glucose reading. You have to be really careful, or you will give the doctor false high reading. Then the doctor will give you a even bigger and or stronger dose of drugs, that are extremely dangerous, and must be prescribe by a doctor.

So I proved to myself, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that drinking more water, lowers your blood sugar levels. Without there medication at all because, I had none. You see, they only gave me a free glucose meter with those disposable electricity based blood strips. A months worth.

By drinking more water. Like 2 or 3 times or more. I was hard for me to dink that much water daily. Water is easier to drink in large amounts when warm. And some strong good flavour also helps. Even drink salt in water, raises your glucose sugar readings. A false high reading.

So I went 2 or 3 times to this clinic. I noticed the price of the same glucose meter in the drug store earlier. It was $129.95. So the last time I went to that clinic I was eating some twinkies. And I offered twinkies to other people there. No one took up my offer. Must have thought I was crazy I guess. Trying not to laugh to. I think. With a twinkie in my mouth. It was a rough crowd. So I knew one person there a little. I explained basically, what drinking more water does, and that I used the test strips to prove it to myself. You know the same tech meter, that the specialist has us use. Warned about contamination to.

Some time later, that same glucose meter, was on sale for $29.95 I think. That clinic had shut down I think and had moved across the street I think, or another clinic opened up across the street. I walked in after calling the hospital or something. I think, no one was in there, or like 1 or 2 people. They asked my how come I did not call for a appointment. I think I said I will get a appointment now. Something about maybe having to wait for weeks. I got a appointment right then, or a few hours later.

So when you drink lots of water, the sugar in your urine is diluted.

The doctors tell you, you might develop, this or that, when you go to the hospital. Giving you warning, and then you blaming yourself, when they say, maybe years later now, you now have whatever they warned you about.


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No harm in lowering your sugar, or whatever intake. Exercising does make you eventually and naturally, lower your caloric intake. First you want to eat less eventually.

No clue about the rest. Do not even know what food intolerance means.

Good things get flushed out your body to with water. You need a multivitamin and electrolytes. I would get tested for those deficiencies to always. You can not build a strong health on a weak, lacking foundation. What vitamin(s) and or mineral(s) deficiencies, do that to maybe? (Hair falling out). I wonder if she has Scurvy to? Anyway to make your body even more healthy? At a foundational level?

Get all this, from 2 or 3 sources if you can. Vitamins and minerals. Pills, meats, plants, salts (highly bio available minerals). Salts. Dissolves in water, right in front of your eyes.

To much can hurt you to. The SAS survival guide I think, says that to much vitamin (A) makes you skin peel off in long strips. From eating polar bear liver in that case.
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