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    Don't know if this post goes here or somewhere else, but...

    Since your doing a hatching, I thought you should have your own thread so it will be easier to keep us updated. :)

    We have several chickens and one lonely female turkey. Turkey is sitting on her two little unfertilized eggs. Well... you know how that's gonna work out. So I drove tooooo far to get three fertilized eggs that we'll slip under her later. Then next week, we'll slip a few chicken eggs under there, too, and hopefully have a wonderful hatch.
    :hmmm: If I remember correctly - (Turkey eggs hatch in 28 days - chicken eggs in 21 - so by waiting a week before we give her the chicken eggs, they should all hatch out at the same time.)
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    So how has it worked out?


  3. PamsPride

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    That sounds like fun! I hope you have an awesome hatch!
  4. Possumfam

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    Those mean ol' chickens got in her nest and busted up the eggs!!!! :mad:
    Poor turkey, she's tried for two years to hatch out some little turkeys! Next time, we'll have to separate her from the rest of them mean ol' thangs!
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    awww. poor turkey!
  6. Possumfam

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    Well, with bad news comes good news. We have a hen sitting on about 10 eggs. Should hatch out in a couple weeks. Maybe we'll candle them later this week - course she ain't gonna like that! :sssh: