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I have it nailed down. It sucks.

Personally, you can never have too many guns, too much ammunition, too much water or food stores.

Does it affect the supply and demand? Yes, but only if a lot of people do it. Most of the people aren't concerned enough about the economy right now to start "hoarding" but let it get a bit worse and they will. As long as you have a lot of one of the above you will be able to barter for the others.

I have heard people saying they will take what they need since they have the guns but that is just bad form.

Personally, I figure between my entire neighborhood we would be "okay" in the event of a natural disaster but if it is an economic one, we will be headed out to the MIL's property. 180 acres with water running through it and plenty of places to plant.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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