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  1. Ridgerunner

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    Last year I bought a set of these Berkley sunglasses at War-mart. they were cheap ($5) and I needed a pair.

    I was actually very Surprised they were 100% UV and polarized as well. I got them so if i lost them on The boat it would not be a big deal, and they have lasted me over a year without breaking.
    They also wrapped completely around my eyes so no unfiltered light comes in
    I found them in the fishing section.

    A pair would be good for a BOB or any use.

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  2. Frugal_Farmers

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    Picked up a couple pair of these last year. I found these on an end cap in the Garden section. Been happy with mine as well.

  3. Emerald

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    Wow that is the one thing that I don't have on my list-I have some of the old prescribed glasses that I don't wear any longer(not that they are not my scrip-I just changed frames for to be pretty!;)) I figure that post SHTF even my old glasses will come in handy if I break my good ones... but having extra sunglasses(my vision is not bad I am just slowly going more near sighted can't read the names on building anymore.. but I can still pass my driving exam without them) would be good on hot summer days or ever better for being out in the winter during sunny snowy days.
    Those even look like I might be able to put them right over my good glasses.
  4. Woody

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    They also have ones that are made to specifically fit over glasses in those racks, Emerald. Keep your eye out for those racks at the grocery, box, dollar store, pretty much everywhere. I buy a few pairs every year, green and amber. I keep them everywhere, car, work, shed, storage… This spring I paid $10 per pair, I do remember them being cheaper in the past.
  5. Kevin108

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    I've worn only polarized sunglasses for about the last 12 years or so. I work outside, so sunglasses are with me before I walk out of the house and I actually carry spares in all my vehicles. Most of mine have come from West Marine although lately I've found better selection and prices at Dick's Sporting Goods.
  6. Fn/Form

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    My favorite site for prescription sun/safety glasses is:
    Prescription Safety Glasses | Prescription Safety Eyewear | Bifocal Safety Glasses | Rx Safety

    I have absolutely zero affiliation with them... but have received excellent service. I was consistently quoted $400 locally for a prescription order that cost me $180 shipped overnight from RX Safety. They offer plenty of custom options, including Drivewear lenses.

    I really like the Wiley X Jake series. They come with a pop-in foam/plastic gasket that seals out 99% of dirt. I shot a 3-day 3-gun match in VERY windy, VERY dusty conditions. Enough to cause a thick haze that almost obscured the 400yd+ targets. But I didn't have a single problem with the gasket. The gasket worked best with a headstrap that kept the glasses/gasket against my face. Wunderbar.

    A great topic to bring up, especially for us 4-eyed humans.

    ETA: The Jake glasses are also ANSI Z87 rated safety glasses. Add polycarbonate lenses and you'll have sunglasses safe for work and play... power tools, shooting, etc.
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  7. Magus

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    I'll wear anything with blue block.I had part of my retina scorched once plasma cutting and I'm partially color blind.

    evens out my vision nicely.