Suicide bomber in Sweden praised

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    Islamist websites praise Sweden bomber | World | News | Calgary Sun

    Stockholm bomber aimed for major targets | World | News | Calgary Sun

    I have nothing to add to these two articles at this point in time. I am sure that others will have their armchair-quarter-back comments and some will blame muslims in general and some will blame the extremists and blame will be passed around, but, instead of talk, who will be able to do something to stop the ones who feel that mass-bombings (WMD) will cause the infidels to cower???

    I am not willing to convert to islam, so, that automatically puts me on the hit-list of the suicide bombers ... they are willing to die for their cause, well, so am I .... but, I don't think I am willing to kill for mine like they are.
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    Naekid, I confess I didn't read everything.
    I am only commenting on the quoted statement.

    As Muslims we are NOT told to kill non-Muslims . Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Morrocco and most other Islamic countries have non-Islamic minorities and they are not being killed. Even when fanatics kill some, that is generally a part of wide range fanatic move that spares no one.

    POLITICAL AGENDAS have created some groups (some are linked to , funded by , and maybe in contact with western powers ). These groups, even the most brutal do not aim at converting anyone and couldn't care less for islam as a religion. There job is to kill and spread fear, and they are killing many Muslims already.

    We Muslims, or at least many Muslims including me have serious questions about the role of western countries in this mess. Let me give an example of a Saudi fanatic called Saad Al-faqih who wants to destroy our country's political system. He is very obviously in good terms with Bin Laden AND he lives in London !!!!! He does not live silently but he broadcasts from there !!! ... So, the question is why don't Great Britain just send him back to Saudi Arabia to be jailed ???

    GB is smart enough to keep him in a specuial state, not giving him asylum and not denying him either. So, he is constantly careful not to step on any British toes, BUT he is always planning something towrds our country !! If you were in our place won't you be asking also why GB doesn't just ship him back on the first flight ???

    While many people in America and the West curse many of us Muslims for not doing "enough" , please, look who is preventing us from doing "enough" !!
    You will find western superpowers !!!

    I bet that most Americans never heard of Iraqi police or armed groups capturing terrosits , and then American and British forces forcing their way in , and FREEING the terrorists . FOX does not tell you that. And I regret to say many Americans do not know how their money and lives of their loved ones are being wasted abroad. All you gain when this happens is : more hate ! Iraqis whose relatives died in bomb blasts in vegetable markets wil not love those who release those criminals.

    Those who release terrorists may not be your loved ones serving your country. OK. But they can be contracted mercenaries like Black Water. But do you think locals want to find who is who ??? They are Americans in any case and that is enough for the locals ...

    Most likely the reason that made those maniacs kill and bomb has to do with the dirty work I have just explained, not that they want you to convert as someone wants you to belive.

    And if you read carefully :

    Al-Qaeda sees us ( Muslims ) as too firendly with the west.
    Maybe this is why they kill us too.
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    To that i say the far left who are letting these scum go are trying to tear this country down just like the muslim terrorist, seems like no one wants freedom for anybody. Mines the way yours sucks, do what i say cause i,am smarter than the rest of the world. This is pure bull if all the azz holes would live their frickin lives and leave everyone else alone, terrorist and ultra rich azzholes we could have a fairly good life in this world. Well that ain't gona happen i reckon.
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    I'm sorry but I can buy the argument

    That "they" catch them and our side lets them go... I just can't... I do believe about 95% of Islam wants to just live in peace, but from where I sit they want it but won't fight for it.

    Our troops blew up hundreds of tons of weapons and ammo in Iraq, if the people wanted to be free and live in peace why did they not arm themselves and fight for it..

    America was founded by a few men of vision and the whole Revolutionary War started with no more then a small hand full who were willing to fight. I don't see that happening any place in the Middle East, a small hand full of fanatics are holding entire countries hostage and I see none of the people fighting back.. and yes there are many in the armies and police forces but where are the "People" ?

    The same people who cheered the American entry into Baghdad helped drag American bodies thru the streets and burned them.. while dancing around them.. When the WTC was destroyed ,all of Islam danced in the streets, even those in London and all of the EU.

    It appears to me that the loyalties of the people can change with the wind..

    The average person over there knows where these fanatics are hiding, news travels , we know that from lessons learned in Nam , where are the freedom loving peaceful people when this information might just help stop terrorist acts from happening ?

    Out biggest mistake in the middle east was assuming you could "GIVE" freedom to people who were not willing to fight for it themselves.. They are so used to their chains they can't handle having them removed... Americans were still bleeding in the streets and the people were rioting because the power and water wasn't coming back on fast enough.. some thanks...

    Having said all that , I'll finish with this, we should not have gone in there with a ground war.. air power could have pounded the mountain hide outs to bits, and there had to be a response to the 911 murders of our people..

    The gratitude of the Islamic peoples to being allowed to live in free countries is non existent from where I stand... I have no sympathy for the problems of these people who come to freedom but want to bring their chains with them..

    So.. my thoughts on the whole problem are these... pull all of our troops out of the middle east... destroy every thing that can not be removed or can be used by the Militants , leave them to work out their own lives.. fight or die under the boots of the fanatics , makes me no matter...

    Then and here's the biggie.. I would start deporting every Muslim in the country... including the Americans who have converted.. freedom of religion is a wonderful thing but not when it calls for the death of all other religions... and I've yet to see a Cleric who stood up and declared loudly that his religion is and always has been one of peace... and yes I've read some of the book of the Koran and I did in face read that there is only three options to non believers .. one is to convert , one is to pay a tax to be allowed to breath..and last be killed... show me the love please? show me the peace? I also read where it's ok to steal , lie or commit any kind of sin as long as it's against non believers.. I read it, it's in the "Peaceful" book ..... so spare me the usual words that it's just a few fanatics who have misread the book.. most of those people haven't read it nor can they even read...

    I have no warmth in my heart for them nor their ways... and I know in my heart of hearts that in time Israel will be forced to end the problem once and for all time..

    So there is my Arm Chair QB opinion it's always been that and it will never change... in the end it will be them or us... and I say it will be them.

    I truly live by the words ...America!! Love her or leave her !!
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    I have learned to analyze what I read as well as what I see..special effects, you know, the 'Hollywood' of war.....
    Feeling sorry for those bombed children and then discovering it was a picture from a different country in a war years ago??
    This is how military uses the I am more careful and don't forget... Pearl Harbor, USS Liberty, Viet Nam-Gulf of Tonkin, Ruby Ridge, and Waco.
    Information is released every day to prove we are told only what benefits the military-industrial complex and information about the 'boogey-man' to set the stage for loss of even more liberties.

    And to support Hozay's statement--if Muslim/Islam (and, yes I know there is a difference) is so great and we are soooo bad?? leave here and return to your country of birth to practice your religion without our don't see Americans bombarding countries to promote christianity without an invitation...these who do are called missionaries.
    Sorry for the rant.
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    Thank you Hozay, for putting into words what a lot of us are feeling. :congrat:
  7. NaeKid

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    I know about your background, but, you seem to be a bit of a different sort from the kind that I am talking about in my "mini-rant". I have some friends who are raised in a muslim household, but, they are just as muslim as I am christian - live-n-let-live without trying to push anything on the other person. We get along just fine and have no problems crackin' open a beer with each other.

    My "mini-rant" is against the militant-muslims who feel that they have something to gain by blowing **** up and taking as many lives as possible with zero regard for who is nearby when the WMD's go off (christian, jew, buddhist, muslim, hindu, etc) ... anyone is fair-game to them, grandparents to the grand-children ...
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    One of the biggest problems in the United States is we have is we have voters who won't begin to grasp different aspects of Islam, the regional conflicts in the Middle East, the internal politics of the Middle East, but they certainly have opinions and beliefs based on minds better suited for watching Dancing with the Stars then making decisions on foreign policy.

    There are so many different conflicts and interests involved it's difficult to understand and one of the biggest issues is being missed by most outsiders-Islam is at war internally and more Moslems are killing Moslems then they are outsiders.

    A bad parallel is the Reformation with the conflict between the Catholic Church and early Protestants, when they periodically lashed out against Moslems as well.

    I missed the scholar's name, but he stated that the Wars of the 21st Century would be those countries and people who entered the 21st Century (Such as the United States and Western Europe) being attacked by those who can, but don't wish to enter it (like Osama, Al Qaeda, the more sophisitcated Taliban) leading those who wish to, but can't, such as many of the street level fighters in Iraq...many of the bare foot fighters in Afghanistan, etc.