Subsistence Fishing/Dip Netting Permit

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    Do very many of you get special Federal "Subsistence Permits" for Dip Netting Salmon or Trout.........?:dunno::dunno: So I just picked up this years permit to Dip out 25 Sockeye Salmon next week, and 70 Salmon total for the year.:scratch
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    Here in Canada, natives are granted that right "automatically". Those in the far-reaches of Canada are also granted that right as well if they are in the areas that are fly-in only during the summer and drive-in on the winter-roads.

    Anyone that has "easy access" to food, meaning living in a town (or close to a town) with regular deliveries of food are not granted Subsistence Fishing / Dip Netting Permits ...

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    Yes, That is roughly how it is HERE in Alaska.
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    The Nez Perce and Coeur D'Alene Indians here in Idaho also have those rights automatically. They are usually my hookup for some fresh smoked salmon.