Stryker Hoffmann II Sterile Field Kit 4920-9-950

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    A Vetinarian friend of mine purchased several of these from a Government Auction so that he could get a couple to use in his practice. He has modifed the ones he has to use on large dogs and says they work fine.

    He has a couple left that are not modified that he would like to sell at what he paid for them which is $60 each plus shipping. They cost the Govt over $2500 each!

    These are brand new and unopened from Stryker Howmedica. This kit is is used for the stabilization and transportation of patients with compound fractures.

    This kit consists of the following items:

    Four 5mm self-drilling self-tapping screws
    Two multiple pin clamp assemblies
    Two rod-to-rod couplings
    Two 30 degree angled posts
    One carbon connecting rod, 400mm long
    Dual use brace
    Instruction sheet

    This is new, unopened military old stock dated 2008 and should be sterilized before use.

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