Strike Anywhere Matches

Discussion in 'Equipment & Survival Kits' started by sheDaisy, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. sheDaisy

    sheDaisy Guest

    I am wanting some strike-anywhere matches but have been having an awfully hard time finding them. Does anybody have a quality source where I can buy a load of them?
  2. GPER

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    ACE Hardware around Kettering,Ohio has them on the isle with fireplace stuff.

  3. TechAdmin

    TechAdmin Administrator Staff Member

    Most everywhere has them. Do you live in a pretty remote location? If you need them that bad and can't find them online I could ship you some. They have bundles of them at Wal-Mart.
  4. JeepHammer

    JeepHammer Well-Known Member

    I don't think I'd bet on that Dean...

    I went to about 7 different places looking to makes some up in the camping and outdoor kits before we put them away for the winter, and I can't find any in town here...

    Been to all the 'Usual Places' and can't find a single box this fall.
  5. BlackPaladin

    BlackPaladin Enforcer

    They don't ship too well. At least, as far as government regulations go (Phosphorus, etc.). They became hard to get.
  6. ke4sky

    ke4sky ke4sky

    Hazmat shipping charges on strike anywhere matches

    States which have adopted the Uniform Fire Code place restrictions on storage of strike anywhere matches. They ship under the same hazmat category as small arms primers and each package incurs an extra $26 charge.

    Emergency Resources - Strike Anywhere/Storm Matches

    Locally in the Washington, DC area you can buy them at Ranger Surplus and REI stores.

    Green Top Sporting Goods in Ashland, VA also carries them.
  7. hitech_hick

    hitech_hick Member

    Picked them up locally in the seasonal aisle 2 for $1 (the big boxes) when they were getting rid of the rest of the grilling stuff for the year...

  8. Backwoods

    Backwoods Out In The Sticks

    Try local camping stores, surplus stores, anywhere that caters to outdoor activitys, camp cooking etc.........
  9. Fn/Form

    Fn/Form Function over Form

    Like BlackPaladin said, strike-anywhere matches got the same treatment as pseudoephedrine... it was very popular for making meth. Only a few local stores carry them.

    I can only imagine what my mom would have looked like when she bought them by the thousands for Vacation Bible School projects. "It's for VBS, I promise!" LOL It was a lot of fun to burn them for her VBS crafts use...
  10. childclown

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    You could always purchase a zippo and store lots of zippo fluid, I'm sure they have a website (or buy a cheap imitation :D)
  11. raMONA

    raMONA Guest

    I didn't realize they were actually hard to find in some places?.... They shouldn't be.

    What kind of project was your mom doing in VBS? I don't know that I would want to give a bunch of kids some 'strike anywhere' matches! lol
  12. Sinzitu

    Sinzitu New Member

    Strike-anywhere matches are classed as dangerous goods, "U.N. 1331, Matches, strike anywhere"; and their carriage is forbidden on both passenger aircraft and cargo-only aircraft

    Lot's of stores have stopped carrying them. If you can still find them, buy 'em.
  13. xj35s

    xj35s Guest

    Strange. I've been looking for the last week for them. Auburn,NY does not have them. Checked everywhere. Weedsport,NY 8 miles away I found them at the Big M grocery. 1 box. Then the Ace hardware also had plenty of them, both large kitchen size and the small box size.

    I wonder if it's a bigger city ban or something.
  14. endurance

    endurance Well-Known Member

    I just picked up four boxes of 250 at my local Safeway store. They're not banned, it's just a matter of the expense of shipping since they have to go ground freight with a hazmat label on them, where safety matches have no such requirement.

    I don't see a large advantage of strike anywhere matches over safety matches other than simple convenience. It's certainly not a survival "must have" item. Given a choice between regular matches and windproof matches in your wilderness survival kit, I'll take windproof matches everytime.
  15. Jezcruzen

    Jezcruzen Well-Known Member


    He is correct. I can't buy them anywhere in my area because of the fire code adoption. (wish I had know about Greentops. I was just there the other week!)
  16. JohnP

    JohnP Member

    My first post. Hi everybody :)

    I looked all over Houston, finally found them at an Ace Hardware. Don't know if all Aces have them or not. REI has Storm Matches, not the same as strike anywhere.

  17. SurvivalNut

    SurvivalNut Retired Army

  18. xj35s

    xj35s Guest

    Jezcruzen, I like the strike anywhere for burning the papers. I can just grab a couple and light the fire and walk away. The strike on box matches have to be returned to the kitchen drawer.
  19. 91G-Dub

    91G-Dub Member

    I haven't bought any in a few years. Last time I saw them was at one of my local ACE hardware stores. They were in the area of BBQ stuff.
  20. JeepHammer

    JeepHammer Well-Known Member

    Well, I had dinner with the State Police Post Commander the other night (we 'Hot Rod' together) and I found out why you can't buy 'Strike Anywhere' matches anymore...
    And he being a fellow prepared soul, I decided to ask if he had seen any 'Strike Anywhere' matches lately...

    I got informed...
    The Meth Heads were using the white part of the tips as an ingredient in the Meth making process.

    They are sold from 'Behind The Counter' now by law in our state.

    Only, I don't know anyplace that sells matches from 'Behind The Counter' so it isn't likely I'll find any soon...
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