Storing Wheat Berries

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    I am sure this is answered somewhere but I cant find it. I am purchasing different wheat berries, corn and beans for storage. My question is. I got buckets from a local bakery and they have a cake smell, peanut butter smell, etc. I washed, I baked in sun, nothing gets the smell out. I dont want my sugar and grains to smell like this so I seal saved smaller packages and then placed the packages in the buckets. Do I still need an oxygen absorber in each bucket? Or should I have purchased mylar bags and just dumped the contents into the buckets?

    I am sure this is the wrong place to post this,but I cant find a posting for bulk foods. Am I missing something?
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    As for the smell in the buckets try baking soda ... about a cup or so and let it sit over night, then rinse with water followed by a rinse with vinegar water.

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    Buckets & Mylar

    Fill the buckets with water and add bleach ...... let stand for a day or two in the sun ...... should take care of the smell ..... NEVER soak buckets with soaps or cleaners!!!!

    You always needed sealed mylar bags/02 with a FOOD GRADE bucket ...... use new bucket lids with gaskets ...... the combination of bag & sealed bucket slows down the re-entry of air back into the sealed food ....
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    Thanks. So I am ok as far as seal saving them? Ordering the absorbers tonight.