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    I have 6 boxes each of quart and gal. ziploc baggies to use when i open a large container of something. I thought this would save room on other thing's. Your all's thought's and advise on this, need space saving ideas. This would be in a shelter, not an extensive amount of room to spare. :dunno:
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    I think that's a good idea. Plus, if you do an internet search on ways to reuse "coffee cans" and buckets, it's a good way to get ideas on several ways to reuse the original containers. In our bob's and storage, we often pack items in ziplocs (sometimes even the really big tote ziplocs) just to help weatherproof them, with the idea of reusing them when needed. You can also get some cool ideas for a storage in a small shelter by combing through space saving home interior type articles, lots of crafty, space-saving ideas for storage capable furniture, and other diy type projects there that will help you.

  3. kyfarmer

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    LOL! everyone thinks i,am nut's because i want them to save their coffee can's for me. 5gal. bucket's i thought of as bottoms for cot's or table i,am open to any ideas. Still looking around and there are some good ideas out there.
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    Dont forget the flexible milk crate. Been stocking up on them to use. Can stack them easily and put (4) 1 gallon containers in it. easy way to store food away. And the small 1 gallon size containers are great for food to use and rotate out. :2thumb:
  5. Lake Windsong

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    bucket wall and 101 uses for a 5 gallon bucket

    Recycled 5 Gallon Bucket Wall
    this link looks interesting.

    Below is a list of 101 uses for a five gallon bucket. :D Already exited the web after I cut & pasted this, have no idea where I found it :gaah:

    Use #1 Add wheels for a modern-art baby stroller
    Use #2 Artist Painting tool - when filled with paint and holes poked in the bottom
    Use #3 Basketball hoop on the wall
    Use #4 Big Paper weight
    Use #5 Big purse or wallet
    Use #6 Bird bath
    Use #7 Briefcase
    Use #8 Candy holder for trick-or-treaters
    Use #9 Catches big spiders and snakes
    Use #10 Cement mixer
    Use #11 Cereal bowl for those really big time late night snacks
    Use #12 Christmas tree holder (if filled with soil and covered in wrapping paper)
    Use #13 Conversation starter (leave it in your living room or carry it with you everywhere you go people will look at you strange and soon some one will ask why you are carring it)
    Use #14 Costume & Dress Up (may require cutting tools)
    Use #15 Cut 5" slot in lid on a given number of buckets, pass out at a club or user group meeting and announce a contest. Winner is the first person to fill up the bucket in the shortest amount of time with those unsolicited "free trial" AOL CD's. Contest rule #1: Eligible CD's must be addressed to the contestant, immediate family member, or residence address.
    Use #16 Cut a slit in the bottom and secure the handle with the 2 ends extending out from the bucket, secure medical tubing between the handle ends with a leather patch in the middle - bucket slingshot!
    Use #17 Dirty clothes hamper
    Use #18 Drip catcher for a leaky roof
    Use #19 Emergency trash can
    Use #20 Extremely expensive & highly technical post surgery vetinary safety device (Cut a hole in the base and secure over pooches head to stop him licking his wounds...)
    Use #21 Fill with old newspapers like you were planning to recycle them
    Use #22 Fill with sand for outdoor ashtray
    Use #23 Football helmet (needs several rubber bands)
    Use #24 For bailing out a boat
    Use #25 For making really big sandcastles
    Use #26 For the old "Rabbit in the Hat/Bucket" magic trick
    Use #27 Give the bucket to someone else as a gift.
    Use #28 Grocery bag
    Use #29 Hold water
    Use #30 Holds all the chocolate Easter eggs on an easter egg hunt
    Use #31 Holds Dog Droppings when you walk the dog.
    Use #32 Holds dog food
    Use #33 Holds extension cords
    Use #34 Holds loose change
    Use #35 Holds more buckets (One of them has to go on the bottom)
    Use #36 Holds paint
    Use #37 Horse feeder
    Use #38 Ice bucket
    Use #39 Ice cooler / chest
    Use #40 Impromptu camping shower. Poke holes in it, hang it up and fill with water from another bucket.
    Use #41 Impromptu charity collections
    Use #42 Junk bin
    Use #43 Lego storage unit - so you don't have to step on the little peices while running through the house
    Use #44 Lid can be used as a base for a sundial
    Use #45 Lid can be used as a cracker dish
    Use #46 Lid can be used as a dinner tray
    Use #47 Lid can be used as a fruit platter
    Use #48 Lid can be used as a large coaster
    Use #49 Lid can be used as a snow sled.
    Use #50 Lid can catch oil drips from a car.
    Use #51 Lid can cover holes.
    Use #52 Lid makes great circle template for arts & crafts
    Use #53 Lid works as a paint tray
    Use #54 Lid works great as a frisbee.
    Use #55 Lid works great to close buckets.
    Use #56 Make sourdough (Needs lid)
    Use #57 Makes you invisible if you put it over your head (if you can't see them, they can't see you, right?)
    Use #58 Mop bucket
    Use #59 Parts container for a child who loves to take apart electrical items
    Use #60 Personal flotation device
    Use #61 Pet carrier
    Use #62 Poke a hold in the bottom and it's a pot for a plant or tree
    Use #63 Poke holes in bottom for an outdoor shower
    Use #64 Poke holes in the side for a big watering can
    Use #65 Potato container
    Use #66 Pretend to get foot stuck in one and pace nervously all day in hospital emergency waiting room, making a step-THUMP-step-THUMP sound
    Use #67 Prop for improv group
    Use #68 Punch bowl
    Use #69 Put 11" speakers inside and hang upside down outside for weatherproof speakers.
    Use #70 Fill with 4 or 5 inches of water and whirl the bucket around and marvel at how centrifugal force keeps water from spilling
    Use #71 Put in your yard as modern art sculpture.
    Use #72 Put pillow inside for cat to sleep on
    Use #73 Put the bucket on a remote control car and guide it down the sidewalk
    Use #74 Put the bucket on the wall for wall art.
    Use #75 Rain catcher / gauge
    Use #76 Recycle bin
    Use #77 Self Defense
    Use #78 Snowball arsenal
    Use #79 Snowman creation tool / snow mold
    Use #80 Stand for fan
    Use #81 Step stool
    Use #82 Storage for cleaning supplies in the trunk of a vehicle
    Use #83 Stores garden hoses
    Use #84 Stretch a skin over the top for a drumhead
    Use #85 Stretch one or more strings across the opening for a bucket harp
    Use #86 Sturdy shipping container.
    Use #87 Sugar container w/lid
    Use #88 Suitcase
    Use #89 Tadpole pond
    Use #90 Tear up a whole bunch of bits of paper and pretend to throw water on the audience
    Use #91 Temporary goldfish bowl
    Use #92 Throwing water on fires
    Use #93 Time capsule
    Use #94 To hold fish/crabs, etc, when you go fishing.
    Use #95 To hold fishing bait
    Use #96 To wash the car
    Use #97 TV stand (or CRT monitor)
    Use #98 Use it to haul dirt
    Use #99 Used oil storage
    Use #100 Wash clothes
    Use #101 Water fights
    EXTRA BONUS! Use #102 Wood hauler
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    #101 is the only reason I need.
  7. kyfarmer

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    I like it we need a national 5 gal bucket day, better than some of those stupid federal free day,s they get. Hey! here,s a idea we need one million folk,s to fill 5 gal bucket,s with the same stuff that,s been coming outa washington for the last while and dump it in front of or on congress. Man what a stinky mess. That would be a whole lota BS. :D