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Discussion in 'International Current News & Events' started by gypsysue, Aug 18, 2010.

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    Thanks for a great (but alarming) article, Gyspysue. I hope you're right that even some who lean left are finally shedding the "Obama is God" attitude.

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    That guy's a liberal? I could have written that article. Well, except for the good spelling and grammar. Okay maybe some of the content would have been missing but aside from that, it sounds like a conservative writer.
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    The really scary part for me was realizing I too had put Obama in the same dunce hat as Peanut Jimmy and that truly is a bad mistake, well time will tell but for sure in the end it will be decided on the soap box, in the ballet box or god forbid with the bullet box... but one way or the other America and Americans will win the day...

    Good read GS...
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    Good article.

    The author is a conservative.
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    He's conservative? :scratch :confused: I know he sounds conservative but based on his other writings and that this was published by the Washinton Times (Liberal) I thought he was Liberal. :dunno:
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    It dosen't matter who wrote it' it's the honest truth and in media of any kind that's a rare event. Editor must have been out sick. :D
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    opinion article is opinion

    another opinion on the Louisiana Purchase. And wasn't the Cornhusker Kickback nixed? What was the deal with that anyway?

    "The federal government does not have the right to coerce every citizen to purchase a good or service. This is not in the Constitution, and it represents an unprecedented expansion of power." - He's right, and I don't agree with making everyone purchase it, but at the same time those who don't when it's affordable make the rest of us pay more. Course the constitution doesn't say anything about regulating air travel or the interstate highways

    supporting abortions? i thought we were past this

    "Billions will be dispensed arbitrarily in compensation to oil-spill victims" lolwut? personally I think they should have gone higher, after our oil spill fishermen got the shaft because they went the legal route...who can afford better lawyers?

    hehe wow I think I could go this entire article and dispute 95% of everything he says (the rest are adjectives)

    don't swallow the bile they're serving you. some people may have thought he was god, but i doubt they make up even a minority of his supporters. The reason he attracts attention is his cool, calm, collected logical nature with which he responds to problems. Must be why he's such a bad guy.
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    "The reason he attracts attention is his cool, calm, collected logical nature with which he responds to problems."

    Yep, spending one's time during the most ruinous disasters in our history on a Golf Course or on vacation enjoying 'fun in the sun' will give the public that impression...... Personally, this "Old Dog" is very unimpressed with him or his (lack of) performance. :rolleyes:
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    Well, DUH...... Yeah, it's his OPINION! So is YOURS. Don't tell me you're going to start being like JeepHammer now! Having him being so mouthy makes you feel safe doing that too? I thought better of you.

    It isn't what you said, it's the nasty overtone. Jeez. Must be a disease going around among you guys. Lighten up. I like the old kogneto better. You know, the one who could give his two cents with only a touch of sarcasm, but mostly just filled with his views.

    After all...without those opposing views to reinforce how glad WE are to believe what We believe, where would WE be?

    And I heartily disagree with most of what you and jeephammer believe...but I really don't care if either of you like that or not! Nor will I condemn your for your beliefs; only for your attitude.
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    sue- now come on, thread was closed no need to bash people who aren't even here. I'm sorry you think I've "changed" but in reality I'm still just as snarky as ever, though i thought my comment was pretty straight forward. the author made remarks that have proven to be incorrect, I was merely correcting (or atleast providing another perspective)

    and just because a view is opposing (left or right or up or down) it doesn't mean it will improve the argument. I could go on and on about how I think the moon is really made of cheese, and we never went there because scientists realized the astronauts would drown in gouda, and that's why Obama is a muslim, but that wouldn't make sense and wouldn't be productive

    the author is bringing up old inflammatory topics, that have been proven false, and does nothing to improve the argument as to why someone should vote this way or that. it's all about making your blood boil over Obama, as if he's some evil sorcerer that is the reason for all our troubles. If only we had a better human in there they'd get us out of this mess, but it's never that simple.
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    Yeah, okay, kogneto, I owe you an apology. I was touchy and jumped at you. You weren't that bad! Still aren't! You're still one of my favorite people!

    Forgive me?
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    it's easy to mistake people on the internets, lord knows i've done it myself a number of times on FB which is worse because these are people i know!