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I am curious what would you do if all of your papers were stolen and also your wallet with your ID and credit cards? Do you have any measures to prevent identity theft or to get back your ID's when certain papers are required?
I had a wallet lifted while I was up at Anoka, MN. at Federal Ammunition plant a few years back...
It was kind of a pain, but I had to get everything issued again, and I switched my checking account and savings account so they weren't the same number.

About a year later, I was back up there at Federal, and on the way out of town I got stopped by a traffic cop...
He held me until a detective came to debrief me....
And return my ID, drives license, ect. they had found in a crack house!

Anyway, this is the way I got my identity locked down,
Called my Insurance Company.
Most car and home insurance companies have identity theft services! AND THEY ARE FREE!

That ID place contacted my banks, credit cards, put a hold on my ATM cards, and contacted all the credit reporting companies and all major credit lenders in my behalf.

Cost me $25 at the bank to change my checking, savings and retirement accounts.
The ID theft service my insurance company uses had me new credit cards within a week.
I had a 'Fraud Alert' on my accounts for one year so EVERY change, right down to switching the premium channels or ordering PPV on TV got me a call at home to authorize!

Renewal for the local news paper even had to be authorized!

When I applied for a new Social Security Card, it had to be authorized and then would only be sent to my address of record!
I received monthly reports from the identity company that covered things I had completely forgot about, including a check from a former employer and a refund check from an insurance company I had quit using!

The other 'Up Side' was the Junk Mail dropped off to nearly nothing, and the phone calls from sales places are nearly non existent!
No more of those 'Pre Approved' credit cards in the mail anymore, and the credit cards I do have won't send those advance checks anymore!
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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