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Hope so, I invested about $5,000 on Friday, my investment has provided a $1,700 return already as it stands if I sell right now!

Sold a car Friday morning, made money,
Invested that money when the stock market was at 8,000 and made money!
Pretty good weekend in my neighborhood!

(if the damned broker house would have executed my buy order sooner, it would be about another $700 up!)

That sure isn't going to help my retirement accounts any, they are down by more than 50% right now!
It's just paper losses right now, but if you sell, those losses become REAL, and if I needed the money right now, that would REALLY HURT!

Anyone have an 'On Line' account that buys and sells virtually instantly?
E-trade is holding the buy/sell orders up to 3 hours for some reason, and that is a real pain in the a$$ when I'm trying to buy up or unload something quick!

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So the stocks are up what does everyone think will happen? I think they will keep going up
Careful. The Dow is not necessarily an indicator of economic stability. Consider the following:

Housing and Economic Recovery Act (this past July): $300 billion
$70 billion pumped into the market the week of 9/14
$85 billion to AIG the week of 9/14
$185 billion for reserves/into the market the week of 9/14
$630 billion into global markets the week of 9/21
$700 billion in the bail-out bill last week

Over $2 trillion has been spent in the span of a few weeks. Where did that money come from?

No where. The Federal Reserve created it with the stroke of a pen.

What does that mean? It means the value of the dollar has been diluted significantly.

And we're not done, yet. They're talking about several hundred billion more dollars being created to address this problem which will exacerbate the problem.

We're not out of this by a long shot.

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Sweet idea man how did you know friday was buy time?
Because I got a hand full of money from selling a car!

Money doesn't last long around here, I have a tendency to let it dribble out of my pocket if I carry it around, so the sooner I get it invested, the better off I'll be.

If you mean how did I know it was time to buy some stock, we had just had two weeks of SERIOUS declines, over 500 points every day for over two weeks.
There was usually some recovery every day, down 500, 600, 700 points, then recover to close about 300 down...

Just execute the buy order when you think it's the lowest it's going to get for the day, in my case,
Last Friday was when it was 770 points down and well below 9,000 total.

The market was up this morning, so I sold and waited for it to go down again, and when it did, I bought the same stocks again, and tomorow I may sell them when it goes up 400 or 500 points, which it's bound to do...

I had been thinking the market was oversold by about 1/4, and at 11,000 or 12,000, dropping to about 8,000 isn't a disaster in my books, it's just the correction it should have to make things right.

I've been through this twice, once in '87 on 'Black Monday', but I was young and poor, but what little I did have went away rather quickly, and I had to wait for it to come back.
Since it was just a 'Paper Loss', the market recovered, and I did fairly well during the 90's,

The second time I smelled it coming and had nearly everything liquid,
When 'W.' stole the election in 2000, I invested heavily in oil & 'Energy' companies. (before the war),
After 9/11, when the market dove down, I bought up defense contractors.
Even dumped my Wally-World and Microsoft stock for stuff like General Dynamics stocks.

Got them at a good price when the market dropped when the village idiot took office and then started two wars, and I have been tickled pink with the returns so far.
That has proven to be quite the nest egg for my retirement.

Watching the Wall Street types bleed while I make a nickel or two has it's advantages! And it's quite entertaining too!
I had to sweat bullets for the money they stole from me in the 80's so I think of this as a little 'Payback'!

I don't want them to jump out a window,
Seeing them twitch is fun! :D

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dont be naive

The day after the stock market crashed there was a huge increase....this is normal.....everything went on sale, and some people went shopping.

It is a global market, and the market has to correct itself. The only way for good growth here is for lower taxes for companies and investors....this will increase jobs and exports

It wont happen overnight, but the economy is will bounce back.

75% of the CEO's in America said they are afraid of what could happen if Obama is elected...
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