Stockpiling In Moderation

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    Stockpiling In Moderation

    Stockpiling in Moderation. Sometimes it’s hard to do. There seems to be a tendency to go to the extreme for some people. Personally, I believe wholeheartedly in preparing, but I don’t want to be an alarmist and conspiracy theorist. Do you think that those who go to the extreme give survivalists a bad name? Do you think as we try to spread the word, we would often be better served by doing things in moderation? The are a few simple things I'm working on stocking up on, moderately that help us through any emergency and really make good sense to accumulate whether something happens or not. In moderation of course, without hoarding them.

    I've read numerous posts on forums and blogs about this and I've taken all of the information and this is what works for me. I did a podcast recently on this if you care to listen in more detail. So, here's what I'm working on.

    * Water Filters/Purifiers:
    * Firewood:
    * Portable Toilets:
    * Lamps and Oil
    * Coleman Fuel:
    * Self Defense Tools: ( Pepper Spray, Knives, Clubs, Bats, Slingshots
    * Hand-Can openers & hand egg beaters, whisks:
    * Rice, Beans and Wheat:
    * Honey, Syrups, white and brown sugars:
    * Charcoal & Lighter fluid:
    * Vegetable Oil:
    * Water storage containers:
    * Baby Supplies:
    * Washboards and Mops:
    * Cookstoves:
    * Vitamin supplements:
    * Hygiene products:
    * Bow saws, axes and hatchets & Wedges:
    * Gas containers:
    * Aluminum foil:
    * Garbage bags:
    * Paper products:
    * Gardening Seeds:
    * Milk:
    * Clothes pins, lines and hangers:
    * Canned Meat:
    * Fire Extinguishers:
    * First aid kits:
    * Batteries:
    * Baking supplies:
    * Matches:
    * Writing paper, pens and pencils,solar calculators:
    * Work Clothes:
    * Insulated ice chests:
    * Flashlights, light sticks, and torches:
    * Cast iron cookware:
    * Fishing supplies and tools:
    * Pest and Insect repellents:
    * Duct Tape:
    * Shelter building equipment:
    * Backpacks & Duffle bags:
    * Candles:
    * Sewing supplies:
    * Knives:
    * Bedding:
    * Games:
    * Lumber:

    .....And last, but definitely NOT least… Guns and Ammo: While many so-called emergency preparedness experts tend to shy away from discussing this need, it’s naïve and frankly reckless in my opinion to do so.

    What works for you?
  2. NaeKid

    NaeKid YourAdministrator, eh?

    When I go grocery shopping, I will purchase a case of soup instead of a can of soup. When I purchase toilet paper - I will purchase 4 packages of it. I don't feel like I go over-board on my purchasing, I just hate making the trips to the store - I have better things to do with my time. I try to have in my rotation around 3 to 4 months supplies of stuff that will be used quickly and upto a couple years supplies on the "small items" that will last forever.

    If my stock-room is full and I can't fit anything else in there, I don't bother with any shopping trips except for fresh-food or supplies for a specific event (ie: birthday or holiday).

    You will find in my stock-room dried food, canned food, fruit juices, candies / chocolates, cleaning supplies (shower-soaps, toothpaste, mouthwash), toilet paper ... and my deep-freeze for the majority of my frozen goods.

  3. WinOregon

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    Couple of questions from your post:

    I don't understand what you mean by stockpiling in moderation? So do you mean that if you need 52 rolls of TP to last a year you are only going to buy 25?
    Can you give me some examples of what moderate vs extreme stockpiling looks like? How does prepping make you an "alarmist and conspiracy theorist"
    Do you consider your list moderate or extreme?

    Sorry for all the questions just having a hard time following your thoughts.

    I am going to stockpile what I think me and mine will need for the situations and durations we are preparing for. I don't advertise what I am doing because its no ones business by my own and I also don't equate prepping to hording.

    Regards WinOregon
  4. longtime

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    I already stockpile in moderation. However, I do it every week. It's like saving for retirement (retired @ 52 and we are very secure.) you do it early and regularly (we budgeted $200.00 a month for emergency preparation including guns and ammo). When and IF we need it, it's ready.

    What PMO are the people that don't do either and then want me to take care of them(taxes or worst).

    Also, most of our stockpile is used on a regular basis. Very little waste.

    And no, I do not tell people of the extent of our stockpile (hidden 25' X 20' strong room) so what bad name. It's hidden because of peoples really screwed up attitudes. We have over 10,000 round of hand gun ammo on hand and reloading supplies for much more with our two plus years of food. 10,000 rounds is just one years supply. We target shoot a couple times a week (200 -300 rounds), if you own a pistol I feel that's the minimum.

    Hoarding, What is hoarding? When I go to the store and buy supplies, I do not cause any shortage. I think your definition of hoarding means don't buy enough to do any good, so why bother preparing at all.
  5. kyfarmer

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    I 100% agree that stockpiling is not hording, but old Unclesam may not see it that way. I tried to find something on it but could not nail it down, ok here gos in the slick willie era there was supposed to be an exc. order signed concerning the hording issue. If any one can find something solid on this, sling it this way.
  6. pdx210

    pdx210 Well-Known Member

    depends... what you are preparing for short, medium or long term. Not everyone here is preparing for the same things. if you are preparing for #1 yeah hording massive amounts of supplies would be over the top. If you are #3 you can never have enough supplies

    1,short term events society recovers within weeks.... disruption of services, some looting and lawlessness such as quake, flood, fire, massive snow storm, weak flue pandemic.

    2,medium event potential loss of law, utilities & services for extended period of time months perhaps years such as strong flue pandemic, peak oil, civil war, food shortages yet society may recover or maintain itself in some areas.

    3,Nuclear war, climatic upheaval, cosmic event (large asteroid impact) world war ...permanent or long term (years or decades) with no law, no services, no authority ...your on your own!
  7. UncleJoe

    UncleJoe Well-Known Member

    This incident was in 1918 but the laws are still on the books and can be invoked at any time.
  8. Billbagdaddy

    Billbagdaddy Member


    My daughter has informed me that she will not do without coffee. Not one of the standard food groups but to keep the "Positive mental attitude" up I have devoted a portion of my supplies to coffee and other items that will make hard times a little less stressful. I recently tried out the grain mill and used some of my wheat. Works great. I think it's important to incorporate some of these long term foods and supplies and alternative cooking / heating methods into normal routine so when the time comes, Transition is much more seemless.
  9. UncleJoe

    UncleJoe Well-Known Member

    DW would have a hard time without her coffee also. She doesn't know it but I just bought some to stash away. Now I just have to rotate it out without her noticing.
    If/When things go south, she'll be tickled to death when I pull out coffee after she thinks there isn't any. :woohoo:
  10. pdx210

    pdx210 Well-Known Member

  11. Todays Survival Show

    Todays Survival Show Survival and Handgun Podcaster

    Sorry, I should have clarified more. "Balance" is what I'm referring to. I see a lot of people overstock on a few items and neglect to have a good balance of preparations. Perhaps I shouldn't have used moderation or hoarding, those are subjective terms. My list is a starter list, but it's shocking how many people haven't even prepared by stocking a little of each. They are overbalanced on a few areas.
  12. UncleJoe

    UncleJoe Well-Known Member

    I don't drink coffee and she only drinks instant. :dunno: I'll buy extra now and then to have around, just in case, but I have enough to do around here and don't want to spend my time figuring out how to make coffee from scratch although I have read that it will keep just like any other bean. If she should ask, well... we'll see.
  13. pdx210

    pdx210 Well-Known Member

    gottcha..... most if not all instant is freeze dried and vacuum sealed it will probably keep longer than green beans w/less work
  14. Kriket

    Kriket Liq Plumber on ur tin hat

    Point me in more info on the 'hoarding' stuff too.

    I am going to use the words "find this hard to believe" but not that I don't believe it. I'm just at a total loss for words that people who are prepared would be punished. No I'm not, I'm not suprized at all. The more you waste and the more 'edge of your seat' the more you are rewarded in this country.

    Especially when people like the LDS are "required" by their religion to have a years worth of food stored. Maybe I should be more hush hush about my storage. I always tell people because I want them to be prepared too! It's hard to talk to someone about something without talking about your experences.

    Anyway, to the OP.
    I totally agree. I think (and I know I will be disagreed with) that storing 5 years worth of MREs and not much else is a little silly. I know in an average year my husband and I eat about 25 MREs give or take depending on what happened in the year. We store what we use and use what we store. That's why the people who bury things always make me wonder. It's hard to keep something in rotation when you have to dig it up.
  15. pdx210

    pdx210 Well-Known Member


    what happens when those that don't prepare show up on your door step for food, shelter, medicine because they know what you have what will you do..?

    I think feeling out the situation is best .."hey Bob with the way things are going i feel like i need a bomb shelter full of supplies just in case"..:dunno:

    Response A: haaa,haa,haa the government has everything under control..i'm gonna go shopping at wal-mart for somthing i don't really need

    Response B: i'm really concerned i don't know what to do ... I've been thinking about stock piling some food and stuff just in case. :2thumb:

    people that prepare are the ones to be successful not those that walk around in a day dream aline yourself with people that have similar goals
  16. bunkerbob

    bunkerbob Supporting Member

    Much to my surprise my next door neighbor came to me yesterday for advise on buying long term food storage, shock!. He had know for years now that I had stockpiled food and other supplies for that "rainy" day. Also, I think the 4.3 trembler at 4:30am on Sat the 16th helped to move him.
    It was surprising to me that it took him so long to come around, he's married with 2 young children, and comes from a large Mormon family background.
    A couple of other neighbors kinda sorta know about the shelter project, they think it is a 'root cellar'. Some of them are heavy equipment contractors and have heavy equipment on their property here. One offered to dig out one side of my workshop to gain better access to remove material, that way I can get my tractor down there instead of using 5 gallon buckets.
    Both of them bring a lot to the table in experience and skills, one being a reserve marine gunny with 25 years under his belt and 2 tours in Iraq. The other a Viet Nam vet with great construction skills. Both middle aged and stable.
    So I might be in a very good situation here with good and talented neighbors who would pull together in an 'rainy day event'.
  17. pdx210

    pdx210 Well-Known Member

    Thats what i'm talking about. more importantly in a SHTF you'll have a neighbor(s) with common goals and prepared not a concern he's going to become desperate and shoot you in the back and steal your supplies.
    I also realize people here are preparing for different things some are short term a wild fire, earth quake or bad weather in that scenario i wouldn't be paranoid about talking those but long term survival a melt down, looting, lawlessness that would be desperation and you don't want to invite that to your door step ...... :sssh:
  18. lanahi

    lanahi Well-Known Member

    Executive orders do not apply to future administrations and don't have the force of law beyond that. There is no hoarding law, although there could be once again.
  19. gypsysue

    gypsysue The wanderer

    Well, it would sure piss me off if I used my time and money to be prepared, buy food storage, etc., and then have the gov't or anyone else come along and think I should give it to those who spent THEIR time and money out playing and partying and buying boats and vacation homes or more shoes or purses at the mall. I already involuntarily donate "X" amount of my income to people who don't feel like looking for a job.
  20. OldCootHillbilly

    OldCootHillbilly Reverend Coot

    I know where the OP is comin from. Got folks round here what think I'd be a nut if they seen we were storing stuff for an emergency. Course these er the same folks that were in bad sorts two years ago during the flood. We lost power for a short time but were nearly two weeks without water because of damage to the water treatment plant.

    We are just seriously starting to prepare (yeah, my wife kinda gives me the look when I pack away the extra boxed and canned goods) but are plaining right now for two years, maybe later for longer.

    I don't advertise it much because of the mental attitude of most folks round here. Sorry to say, if it goes down hill for some reason, most are goin to be on there own. Takin care of the family and a very few trusted friends.

    We own the rv, it was great during the flood, wen't to the wifes work (several miles away and out of the flood) filled her up with water, came home an lit the hot water heater. Had nice hot showers and a portable home if the water had risen much more. We've always kept extra food on hand in the house an also in the rv in the summer. That way if we wanna just jump in and go we can, plus it's in there if we need it for an emergency.

    Yes we have guns. Again, most people don't know because they don't need to. I'm licensed to carry one, because society around here has slipped a cog er two and ya just never know. Had a rash of robberies at gas stations and such, so, could be in paying for my gas an some idiot walks in wanting everyone's cash. Hope not, but rather be able to defend myself and loved ones then be in the hospitol fighting to live, or worse, in the ground.

    I personally think everyone should prepare for any emergency in there area, flood, tornado, hurricane, earthquake and so on. I beleive folks have to prepare for what they beleive in. Many won't and they will be looking for someone elese to do it for them and save them when a disaster strikes. I know when we were without water, I had over 500 gallons on hand and many nieghbors wanting water, most were told where the government water was and had to go wait in line. A few got some. Several coworkers wanting to use the motorhome, sorry, no. I hate to tell people no, but you have to draw the line somewhere.

    We are fortunate in that we have most everthing we need except the food and that is something were working on now, the longer term stuff that is, always have extra and two freezers full of meat all the time (one advantage of runnin a small smoked meat business :D), and yes, I'm adding in other meats because eventually one might not be able to use the freezer. We do have two gen sets, one in the motorhome and one to run the home, but I don't wan't to strictly rely on those either.

    Ok, got long winded, but I can see how folks think being prepared is silly and that your a nut. Been a long time since folks have had to be on there own. I know grandpa an grandma would understand, so would my folks. Todays people are soft and looking for everyone elese to take care of them.

    I'm off my soap box now!:soapbox2:

    PS: only been here a very short while, but I haven't seen any nuts yet! Just good folks with common sense.

    PSS: oh, an what the gov don't know er can't find won't hurt me!
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