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Stirling Engine Design (and hi from Australia too!)

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Hi Everyone,

I like a website called prepared society - given i think humanity is heading for a lot of grief due to the destruction of nature and general pollution.

I live on 650 acres of coastal bush in Australia - I love it. I do not have mains power (which I like) and currently use solar panels and batteries.

A few years ago I stumbled onto Stirling engines and have been fascinated by them ever since.

Anyway, I am hoping that some of you here will find this interesting, as I am about to build a Stirling engine from two old petrol motors.

I have put up the details on my website (which is a bit radical itself as I am convinced matter is a wave structure).

Stirling Engine Design: High Pressure (60atm) Low Temperature (300 degrees Celsius) Stirling Engine Using Two Petrol Motors

I would love your thoughts!!??

Cosmic cheers from downunder.

Geoff Haselhurst
Biography Geoff Haselhurst: Philosopher of Science, Theoretical Physics, Metaphysics, Wave Structure of Matter
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