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Hi Everyone,

I like a website called prepared society - given i think humanity is heading for a lot of grief due to the destruction of nature and general pollution.

I live on 650 acres of coastal bush in Australia - I love it. I do not have mains power (which I like) and currently use solar panels and batteries.

A few years ago I stumbled onto Stirling engines and have been fascinated by them ever since.

Anyway, I am hoping that some of you here will find this interesting, as I am about to build a Stirling engine from two old petrol motors.

I have put up the details on my website (which is a bit radical itself as I am convinced matter is a wave structure).

Stirling Engine Design: High Pressure (60atm) Low Temperature (300 degrees Celsius) Stirling Engine Using Two Petrol Motors

I would love your thoughts!!??

Cosmic cheers from downunder.

Geoff Haselhurst
Biography Geoff Haselhurst: Philosopher of Science, Theoretical Physics, Metaphysics, Wave Structure of Matter

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Wecome there , good to see another Aussie on the site, and same joining time lol. wonder where is aus are you from? Hope you enjoy the site too its looks great. Cheers from the Sunshine coast. :)
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