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    well where to start-first when the shtf i hope you are all perpared -stock up on water and dry goods as in rice, beans,and pasta to just name a few-and if water is hard to come by remember there is water in your water heater even after the water is shut off-research how to make snares and traps now and how to make survival equipment- i just ran across a video on how you can shoot arrows using a sling shot-neet- i grew up in a time of wood stoves and out houses- we canned and raised our own foods also we trapped and hunted you would be surprised what little you need from a store-the best i can say (unless im asked) is research,research,research--now guns-you should have 1-long gun-1or 2 pistols (i have a 45 and a 357/38-3 cals.) 1- shotgun(12 gage is the best)-and at least 1 22 cal for small game hunting---and plenty of ammo for all stored up-now you need at least 2 knives 1 hunting knike and 1 pocket knife (swiss knife army knife is the best)---feel free to ask me anything and if i dont know ill look for it for you
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    My dad has started teaching my son how to make the traps and snares he used back in the 30's. Lots of fun for both of them, plus it's good to know :)