States that I would move to.

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  1. Flight1630

    Flight1630 Junior Member

    If I were ever to move to the U.S. there are some states that I think I would like, these are purely based on looks, and no idea what the rules and regulations are. So weather they are actually good to live at I have no idea. Lol
    In no particular order.
    1. Vermont.
    2. Nebraska.
    3. Colorado.
    4. Montana.
    5. Pennsylvania (South central)
    6. Main (possibly)

    What are your thoughts on this list.
  2. terri9630

    terri9630 Internet Princess

    I'd get rid of Vermont, Maine, and probably Pennsylvania. Never been to Nebraska.

  3. bkt

    bkt Well-Known Member

    Vermont has virtually no restrictions on firearms. If that's your thing, you might enjoy it. Personally, I'd forget Vermont and Maine and go with New Hampshire. Identical beauty with more like-minded people. At least in northern NH. NH residents pay no sales tax nor do they pay tax on income from investments.

    I've lived in Pennsylvania and the people were OK - more prepper-ish lifestyles usually due to people being very poor. I'd stay away from Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. I thought Harrisburg (south central PA) was pretty bad with crime, but nothing says you'd have to live in the city proper. It's a very pretty state, too. If you're considering Pennsylvania, consider upstate/western New York, too. Similar beauty, and lots of preppers. Areas in between and south of Buffalo/Rochester/Syracuse are fantastic - reasonably priced acreage, great hunting and fishing, and fairly sparse populations.

    Colorado is too strict with firearms so it would never see me move there.

    Can't say anything about Nebraska or Montana except they'd probably be pretty good for preppers. I don't imagine there are too many busybodies like there are in big cities.
  4. Sentry18

    Sentry18 Well-Known Member

    Nebraska is flat and bi-polar, they are not sure if they are liberal or conservative.

    Colorado is mountainous and bi-polar, not sure if they are liberal or conservative.

    Montana is mountainous and conservative, with lots of California flakes moving in.

    I have not been to the rest of the states on your list, but I avoid coastal states like the plague.
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  5. RedBeard

    RedBeard Guest

    There is no difference between vt and nh. You end up paying the same amount of taxes. Except one thing vt is better to start a small business in, you get big tax right offs. Southern nh and vt might as well be Massachusetts. ...
  6. ZoomZoom

    ZoomZoom Rookie Prepper

    If you're just going for "looks" (scenery, topography...), with the exception of Nebraska, I like your list but would add Kentucky, Tennessee, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah and Arizona.

    There's a lot more than "looks" to consider when picking a location. As mentioned, freedom from regulation, cost of living, weather... all come into play. I live in PA and moved here to escape NY taxes and regulations. Unfortunately, over the years, PA is now almost as bad as NY.
  7. RedBeard

    RedBeard Guest

    Now that im thinking about it vt has sales, income, and high property taxes..... Screw vt, come to nh! Unless your a socialist lazzy pile of poop then vt is perfect. And when it comes to guns nh,vt, and Maine are all on the same page.
  8. Flight1630

    Flight1630 Junior Member

    I'm not moving anytime soon but it's just states that I like the looks of. Like I said I have no idea on what the rules are and no Idea on politics.
  9. hiwall

    hiwall Just walking at the edge of my grave

    Nebraska isn't much to look at except for an area around Valentine.
    Parts of all the western states look about the same. Originally i had picked Wyoming but changed to Arizona and I am happy with that choice. It is easy to find something right or wrong with every state.
    I have never been too much east of the Mississippi River but I know there are pretty spots in most of those states too. The reason to have 50 states is so we can have a lot of choices.
  10. phideaux

    phideaux Dogs breath

    You need to visit Kentucky, bluegrass state.

    The only thing wrong with Ky, is the neighbor to the north...Illinois , baby Kalfornya.

    I would only move to Montana.

  11. power

    power ExCommunicated

    All of those states are too cold. I enjoy the warm weather, lots of it.
    I try not to go where it snows.
  12. Tweto

    Tweto I love the smell of Argon in the morning

    Nebraska by area is 92% conservative, it's one of the reddish states in the country. The liberals are found in the inner cities of Omaha and Lincoln.
  13. Tweto

    Tweto I love the smell of Argon in the morning

    I have lived in Nebraska all of my 64 years, so I'm happy to answer any questions. I have also been to all 50 states and when I retired I had a choice of where to live and I'm still here.

    Here's just some general information;
    Except near the two cities, population density is lower then any other state other then Alaska and Wyoming.
    Pot is illegal here, so when a car from Colorado drives through they can count on being stopped.
    There are no restriction on firearms here other then automatic weapons.
    Taxes are high.
    Crime is low comparable to other states.
    There is almost no public lands here, almost all are privately owned.
  14. Sentry18

    Sentry18 Well-Known Member

    I have read that claim before, but I don't really buy it. I have encountered my share of folks from the cornhusker state, including some of their state LEO's, and what they call conservative in Nebraska I would call moderate. I am sure that is not true across the entire state however.
  15. rhrobert

    rhrobert Happy in the hills

    Whew, I'm safe...good list. :)
  16. weedygarden

    weedygarden Well-Known Member

    Nebraska has been one of the states that I have often considered to move to. My mother was born there as were her parents, so I have a special fondness for the state because of that.

    Omaha and Lincoln are the cities, and the rest of the state is mostly small towns. It is an agricultural state. The eastern part of the state is humid and raises lots of corn (Cornhusker state) and other grains. The western part of the state is grassland and rolling hills. Like the other Plains states, there are not a lot of trees, and the wind blows, as it does through that part of the country. Lots of our country's beef is raised in Nebraska, especially in the western part of the state.

    I have driven through the state many times, in different parts.

    Nebraska is certainly not a liberal state, but may be more moderate than some others. Recently someone posted a map of gun-owners per state and Nebraska was shown as something like 17% of the population owning guns. I am not sure that is accurate.

    Other states that I have considered moving to include South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana. Montana has trees, while South Dakota and Wyoming do not have many trees. Nebraska does not have many trees either, except in a few isolated places. I think that trees are pretty important for survival.

    I have a cousin who lives in Wyoming, who has 40 acres. He cannot get trees to grow because of the wind. I have suggested that he plant a shelter belt, but I do not know if Wyoming has support for land owners shelter belts. According to the link below, shelter belts are for the plains states. South Dakota has a program where land owners can get the plants for the prescribed shelter belt plant at a reduced price when they work with their local government agricultural organization. My relatives have shelter belts. They require the landowner to plant, water and maintain them. If one of the prescribed plants dies or is damaged, it is expected to be replanted by the landowner.
  17. hashbrown

    hashbrown Peckerwood

    The only state I would consider moving to is Arkansas which is 20 miles away.
  18. Sentry18

    Sentry18 Well-Known Member

    I have no plans on ever moving. But here is a map of states I would consider moving to if I had to (hint: those states are red).

  19. DKRinAK

    DKRinAK As smart as

    Scratch Alaska off your list if you are considering it.

    The weather is lethal. And all kinds new taxes are getting ready to go nuts.
  20. Tweto

    Tweto I love the smell of Argon in the morning

    To verify or not your claim that Nebraska is moderate, does this list help.

    Governor = Republican
    Senators = both Republican
    Representatives = all three Republicans
    Mayor of Omaha = Republican

    And Nebraska overwhelmingly voted for Trump.

    I don't know any one could consider Nebraska moderate.

    What most don't know is that Nebraskans like to keep to themselves when talking to other people.