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    yes Bob I have read your response however you stated that "MOST' have stayed the course. Those who left are now an opsec issue for your group. They know of your location and where your preps are located on your place. They have spoken with others I'm sure about your BOL and now if you and your family live at that location you all are now at risk.
    While it is great to feel like you have a cohesive group and may have contracted them or made them sign a no speak clause it isnt worth the paper it is written on once SHTF.
    I would guess there are others around your area who have figured out what your BOL is about as well.
    I think the points I have made are valid and I have yet to see a way around these issues.
    I stand by my post that the BOL MAG idea is a lost cause the minute one person walks away.

    What is to keep any one of them from leading this group right back to your BOL?
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    I suspect that you are going it alone, bad choice, that only works in SciFi fiction books and movies.
    I will stand by my 40+ years of experience prepping, not as a "armchair SciFi book, and internet prepper".
    You have to trust people in the end if you expect to survive.

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    Your suspicion is so wrong Bob. I'm nowhere near alone. If you go back and read the rest of that thread you will find that I have a very viable self sufficiency plan in a very large community way out from any large city as well as a back up plan with a large prepared group in an area even further out.

    Once you are very far from the hustle and bustle of the city and suburbia you will find that almost everyone is prepared. Much more so than anyone near a city could be. Within one mile of my home are numerous people prepared and raising enough food to feed an army. They have weapons and ammo and are very much like minded. Within 10 miles of my home is a very large area in the wilderness where everyone owns their own land and will back up into together to stand their ground if need be.

    I did what you are doing for a number of years and realized after a few people left that it was no longer safe for anyone there. To use your terms "Bad Choice". You can prep for 50 years and it only increases the chances of failure when you show more and more people your location and plans and some leave. The more that leave the less safe all of you are. I would be willing to bet that there are numerous people around your location that know that you are a prepper. The mail man, the UPS driver, the guy at the gas station down the road, maybe even the sheriff. Probably many more. All of those people talk to others about what they know. I'll bet the "few" who left told many others about you, your preps, your location and your plans. How many of them will return once shtf?

    Do you know why it is hard to find "preppers" way out in the country? It is because out in the country they are called "locals".

    When grandma passes away they don't sell her canning equipment in a garage sale. It is passed down to the grand kids. Almost everyone who rides around on their property is armed all of the time.

    For Jdras47... consider these issues when setting up your "group". How will you insure security when even one person decides they no longer want to be in the group? If you come to a solution for this problem please let me know. I have not been able to come up with one in the past 15 years.

    The only solution I have come up with is letting no one in the group know where the BOL is until the time comes when it is needed. That leaves YOU doing all the work and financing everything for everyone. Unless you can get others to blindly hand over their preps and/or money without knowing where it will be stored. Good luck with that.
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    We moved to a rural area recently and are going to the only church today. Not because I am a believer necessarily, my wife is. I do believe in community and this is how I can begin to meet them. There is no store or business to meet people otherwise. Nor would they have the opportunity to meet us. I believe we are surrounded by locals that prep as a way of life. Like the Last Outlaw stated.
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    LastOutlaw. that video is something to definatly think about, thank you.
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    LastOutlaw, I couldn't agree more regarding joining "Groups" (in SF Bay Area). Once the word is out, when the SHTF you will be spending your time with your AR in hand defending your "stores"!
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    I can see why the OP didnt stick around.....not exactly a lot of encouragement.
    I bet SOMEONE here is within reasonable distance.

    And it IS possible to do urban prepping just a lot harder.

    Maybe he has a high paying job there and cant leave?
    Ours is not to judge but to be as helpful as possible...
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    I actually chatted with someone in Palto Alto, and they mentioned how much of a big deal prepping is out there. Mostly doing with the earthquakes...but a number of the folks have plans in place - and the wealthy have the helicopters ready to go to their SHTF location at a moments notice.

    They have some rooms that would make a preppers disney land dream come true. Surprising to me was the list of a few folks that wouldn't strike you as the prepping type. Can't judge a book by it's cover.
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    Reeds in Santa Clara, Target Masters in Milpitas, Stevens Creek Rod & Gun Club in Cupertino...& etc.
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    Does anyone use any of the SHTF radio frequencies to communicate?