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Discussion in 'Politics' started by HarleyRider, Mar 26, 2010.

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    I read an article the other day in one of the Survivalist papers recommending that we should start saving nickels. Their premise was that the US Nickel is the only American coin left in circulation that has a metal content with a greater value than the face value, and that the Government will probably in the near future change the composition of the nickle to a cheaper metallic content to save money. Supposedly the value of the metal in the current nickel is 5.10327 cents (approximately).

    Any thoughts on this idea?
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    i think it's only worth like a penny more than an actual nickel

    addendum, it would be kind of crazy since nickels are such a ridiculous method of making transactions, and in order to make any kind of difference would mean putting a lot of money into it.

    I think everyone know's nuka-cola caps will be the currency of the future, or some other arbitrary symbol people attribute to worth, doubt it will be as scientific as metallurgy
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    I saw a movie once about the end of the world, by nuclear means.
    It was said, that nickels hold radiation....I don't know if its true.
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    The idea of saving a ton of nickles hoping to find somebody willing to pay .06 for them is to my mind Ludicrous..(and not the rap AH...) in a SHTF does anybody really believe that some farmer is gonna go gaga
    ( not the dippy blond ) over the thought of getting to trade food for a hand full of nickles? I mean really?? does anybody really think this way?...

    maybe I better go to bed lol, I've noticed my posts tonight are pretty Negative! and I don't have a clue why..

    It's like having a 6 page debate over which rifle to buy.. buy the one you can afford and learn to shoot it!'s really simple..

    I like my Bronco, I'll never convince NK to sell his Jeeps to get one... and would never try..

    I need to be buying a lot of seeds..Heirlooms of course.. but I haven't a clue where is the best place to buy..
    But I want to hear from somebody who bought seeds there and actually planted them and actually grew food and ate it and save some back for seeds and replanted them and they grew.. this is real info, this is what we need to be helping each other with..

    I know guns not seeds.. if i say this is the best gun for this job then it's because I've got a lot of years using that one doing that job.. now.. somebody tell me about seeds... please!! not nickles hahahah...

    idonotcompurt idonotcompute... maybe a drink would be good..!.. haven't had one for several weeks..

    I'm sorry for ranting lol.. I'm just feeling like we are spiraling out of control and nobody's at the helm....
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    I think you are far better off spending them to add to your food, medicine, tools, and ammo. Even if the nickles double in value (assuming that you can find a buyer), if currency collapses you'd be much farther ahead to have spent 50 cents on a can of soup than to be holding 10 nickels.