Star Spangled Banner & Francis Scott Key

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    I didn't know where to post this and since I've never heard this story as told I learned, it was educational me... as I watched it I wondered about our future as free Americans, Our Government has become the enemy , but are "WE" the people of our fathers blood?... I wondered, can we face the coming turmoil , knowing what it will mean to face our own countrymen , both sides seeing the other as traitors... it's sad , so very sad to think our mighty free nation can come to this moment... simply because of the greed and lack of Honor of those few we trusted to stand guard over the Republic....

    My only hope is that "IF" it comes to it and "IF" we have to fight again for the freedom of the Republic that I do not die while traitors like Pelose Ried , Schumer , and the rest of those scum are still alive... that's all I ask...

    Other then that ..MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL !!!!!

    YouTube - The story behind the "Star Spangled Banner" our National Anthem
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    Eeiih, there have been many brave people what have died for this country, to keep it free.

    Sadly I'm not sure there be enough true patriots left ta save it from those who will sell it off fer there benefit.

    I only hope the United States of America can set it's path straight again.

    God Bless those that have given so much.

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    While I knew a little of the story, I didn't know all the details. Can't thank you enough for posting that link - it will be passed around...
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    What a moving tale of one important piece of our history. How did I ever live to be a 'older' citizen of this once wonderful country and never hear that one before?

    Unfortunately, I agree with OCT ... "Sadly I'm not sure there be enough true patriots left ta save it from those who will sell it off fer there benefit."