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Rule and guidelines for posting


-- Please try to keep your messages on topic for the section that you are posting in. If you are going to share a recipe, do not post it in the General Prepared Discussion, post it in the RecipeShare section.

-The moderators will allow a certain amount of "off-topic" messaging with a thread running down another tangent, but please do not push it. You may find posts deleted from existing threads or moved into their own depending on the subject-matter.

-Any time a post is closed(locked) for whatever reason deemed necessary, by the Mods or Admin, another thread shall not be restarted, or the continuing subject matter brought up in any thread by posting the subject ,content again. Automatic excommunication may happen for infraction of this rule..

- Swearing, flaming, slamming and spamming will not be tolerated.

-The system will automatically censor out certain swear words, allow the system to censor as required.
-NO Flaming, or slamming that belittle other members. Do not call other members (in general or specifically) idiots, names or call them down.

-Spammers are easy to spot, all their posts will lead members away from PreparedSociety to buy stuff that has nothing to do with being prepared. Sorry, we don't need watches, shoes or viagra. Posts that do not fall within the guidelines of this site will either be edited for content or will be deleted all-together. Spam-posts will be deleted and the person posting the message will have their account banned and their IP-address added to the banned-IP-listing. We do not have time to deal with spam.

- We cannot allow the sale of gun-related items due to our relationship with GoogleAds and our own agreements with member-forums within our family-of-forums. does not have deep pockets, we do not have paying sponsors / advertisers, so we rely on GoogleAds to help with the bills. If you wish to sell firearms or firearm parts, please use sites dedicated to that end. For our Canadian members, CanadianGunNutz is a good place to buy and sell hardware. For our American members, there are many more choices,,, are all samples. I will not list them all, please use your own GoogleFu to find more.

-Gun talk for the sake of gun-talk should be done over at our sister-site

-For a full-list of sites within our family-of-forums, please click Standard Rules and Guidelines for PreparedSociety - Website Comments and Suggestions

- There is a ReportPost icon on every single message. It looks like Standard Rules and Guidelines for PreparedSociety - Website Comments and Suggestions and you will find it on the bottom-left of the message in question. Clicking on that icon will give you a chance to send a message to the administrators / moderators about that specific message, normally used to report spam but it can be used to request a thread-title change or request that the thread be closed or deleted. You are more than welcome to report your own post or the post of another person if you feel the need.


- Pictures maybe posted with your messages and whenever possible would be a nice addition to the messages. You are welcome to upload small pictures to the message directly, to our gallery software or host your pictures on any site that you feel is appropriate. Use IMG-tags around the URL of the picture to show the picture in the message.

- Topics allowed include anything about homesteading, hunting, fishing, gardening, cooking, canning, baking, food-storage, off-grid living, etc in the appropriate sections.

-All areas of the forum have a mini-description about the section being posted in, some areas go further and have descriptive rules and guidelines as a sticky in the section.

-You are responsible for reading and understanding the rules posted on the forum. The administration / moderators are responsible for enforcing those rules.

- There maybe long periods of time between people posting. Please do not post and repost your questions several times over as the answers are not always immediate. Some people will refrain from answering questions even after reading them if they cannot prove their points of view

- Posts that are nothing but "padding" the post-counter (ie: "I agree") will not be tolerated. If you agree, say so, but please add more to the discussion, you do have opinions that you can share!

- As times and members change with this group, some questions maybe asked over and over again.
For the oldtimers, please be patient with those who are new.
To those who are new, you can search the online databases for answers to your questions. If you feel the answers found do not satisfy your curiosity, please post your question and wait for an answer.
Sometimes the answers you are looking for may be in other sections. Don't be afraid to read through the whole forum.

- There are several sections that are closed to average members, including the Politics and Religion sections. Access to those sections will be granted to members in good standing only who specifically requests access via PM. A member in good standing is someone who has account that has not had any reported posts in any of the other sections, has been on the forum for at least a month and has had their posts automatically approved by our forum AI (Artificial Intelligence) which happens through regular posting by the member, not cut-n-pasted information.

Thank you,

The Administration
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