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Criminals also given excuses to riot and loot. So they do.

Apart-thid came from Canada. That's where South Africa came up with the idea, after officials visited Canada. Based upon how Canada treats its poor people. Still to this very day. Just a little differently.

Canada is cutting edge still.

Now they use people, who can say, there ancestors were abused, to keep abusing the poor. Etc. Even thought here never was any official slavery in Canada.

Modern day slavery is the same. Using others poverty, and suffering, and misery ,for there own selfish gains in government. Easy careers, easy raises, easy promotions, and easy pensions, by keeping people poor, and abused. Letting gangs run wild, as long as it's the poor, they go after. Drugs, drugs, drugs, and gang violence. The gangs are in control as soon as the police are not there. Go ahead and tell the press and see what doesn't happen.

Jewish ghettos in German too, during WW2, was because of Canada, and how it treated its poor people.

Canada makes, Chinese water torture techniques, look like a joke, with what it does, to its poor people. Maybe it's worst in other countries. I don't care, I want it better here. Worry about here first, the most, and secondarily, and thirdly. Yikes, when you know, they have only there best interests at heart.

As long is the truth, is not admitted to, this problem will never be fixed up. M<ore than one problem to. Some will always be poor, some will always be hardened career criminals, etc. Especially if drug addicts, and junkies, and other career criminals, are not dealt with properly. This problem(s) are not going away.
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