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    I had a dream last night about the Chinese putting us in FEMA camps. LOL! Far fetched but in my dream we had no notification and while dreaming I actually thought about posting in this website to alert people to get out now. what if we had an SOS thread that is only used for emergency situations to digitally warn the members of this forum. It is not a discussion thread but a way to get out information quick as we know the people on site have better info that the media will produce hours later.
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    A thread for SOS may not be the best route, but, sending Dean a PM or email for distribution via the Newsletter-network might be a viable solution. We might be able to set something up - allow us to work on it for a bit.

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    I've been wondering what all the detention camps were about since they've been brought to the public's attention. I've known about them for years; from what I've learned on the 'net' there is a huge one in Alaska.

    I had a friend out hiking in Idaho a few years ago, came across one.

    If TPTB want to, they can take the internet down and you'll never know what is happening across the U.S. If there is a planned attack, it will happen quickly, troops coming across the border from Mexico; troops swarming down from Canada and hitting missles hitting both our coastlines.....all together at one time. Anyone left alive will go into the detention camps............but, that's just my opionion....
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    Yeah, I figured the net would be down as well. Best to just keep abreast of what's happening and use wisdom.