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Saw this in another forum; thought I'd share. :)

P.S. the title's not mine either.

P.P.S. it's a close friend of mine and he said he was okay with my posting it here.

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"Are you using REAL SOAP, or some chemical waste product?

I don't advertise for companies, but I do report on things that I personally use, and which I feel would help other people.

Cal Ben Soap Company Official Web Site, Bar Soap,Seafoam,Shampoo

My wife and I use this, and will now NEVER use anything else.

This stuff is basically 85% of the cost per bar, as the crap chemical soap you find in the supermarket.

They might still have the $20 'sample pack' available that we got originally before we bought a bulk pack. I tried it and loved it.

It's awesome!

No toxic chemicals, no animal or petrochemicals, nothing but natural ingredients.

I'd been using the same junk as everyone else for years. Irish spring, Lever 2000, etc. Then I found out that the same junk is in there that they put in chemical weapons. Literally.

I threw it all away, and tried quite a few things until finding Calben.

It was started by a fellow who came back from WWII, and saw the same chemicals in his soap that the Germans were using on the battlefield. We, as a country, no longer made SOAP, we made DETERGENT, which is chemical junk crap.

So he founded Calben, and have been in business for over 60 years.

I'd not recommend this unless it was really good. It's cheap, effective.

Go order the trial pack if you need soap, and if you ever use anything else voluntarily after you use Calben, I'll eat my damn hat."

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I've found that these are great products... unless you have any kind of job where you "get your hands dirty" (auto repair, construction etc) which is a shame cuz my Mom loves the stuff, :) but I hardly ever get to use it. :(
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