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    Some of you know what I mean when I mention TL o TM ( The Lady of The Manor) She is the Spirit , heart and soul of our little dirt plot here in E TX ...anyway she writes some pretty good scratchins .. she has a blog.. and I won't say we agree on all her thoughts... but enough to make life pleasant....
    ( and to keep the apple cake coming):D:D

    Anyway...she wrote a pretty good one this time and I love it so I'm sharing.. it ain't doom or shootin, no bad chit...just a pleasant read...

    Hope yawl like it, ..if not that's soulless Yankee trash!!:D:D:D

    Queen of the Universe- No Credentials Needed: What Bill Nye Never Told You
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    I like it! Tell Sherri that Bill Nye has nothing on her!!!! Hope all is well with your entire posse!!!

  3. HarleyRider

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    I liked it... and I ain't no Damn Yankee!! Us Southern Folk gotta stick together. :p
  4. goshengirl

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    Well I'm a Damn Yankee, and I liked it. :p :D

    Thanks for the link, Hozay. I bookmarked it - I really like her writing style!
  5. HozayBuck

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    Thanks all

    I'll pass it on...she is a very special person and Lord knows theplanet is shot of them..!