Some people just can't be prepared

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  1. Tirediron

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    I have a friend, he comes from a multi generation farm family, his grandparents
    were preppers by nessecity , lived in a rural area fed themselves with little outside stuff, he grew up with their influence, and to top this off he spent years in the far north as a bush pilot and has been in situation that he had to survive by the seat of his pants But any level of being ready for anything is purely accidental. I could talk all day to him about what could happen and he will agree and mean it but would he get an extra package of toilet paper no way.He has the money,he runs a successful business, in fact his stuff is busy when others sit.
    Do we all know somebody like this ? ?
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    Denial is a powerful thing. My brother was a paramedic for 10-12 years before he became a police officer. Once he left the ambulance he stopped carrying any kind of first aid kit. :scratch

    I asked him why and he said he didn't need it anymore ... :scratch:confused::scratch

    It took my LEO husband several months to convince him that he needed that first aid kit more now that he didn't have an ambulance to ride around in than he did before ...

    OK ... I said all that to say I don't have a clue why people are this way but I used to be one of them. Maybe I still am sometimes. There are times when the hubby says "we need this, that or the other" and I think he has totally lost his mind. :rolleyes: Problem with that is ... he hasn't been wrong yet ...

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    I personally know people like this. They rely on us to be prepared for all of them... okay but if we are gone how will they ever survive. Mama Mart won't be open forever!
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    I usually get a lot of ribbing from my family about my prepping.I have been dropping lots of hints and finally told them they needed to make some preps at least.I finally have gotten my wife onboard with the prepping...well maybe she's not really Gung Ho about yet,but the smart cracks and funny looks are gone.And she sorta helps with the things that interest her,at least it's a start.But I told my entire family if they were not going to at least prep some,and that I know I would end up feeding them anyway that they would have to kick in with at least canning jars,produce and such.I don't mind doing the work,heck I'm retired anyway lots of time on my hands,just not much money,LOL.They sorta agreed...we will see.
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    I don't think we should that harsh to others.

    As to the original question, SHTF situations are statistically low and far in between . This is why most people don't want to bother with them. Even I myself am not always thinking about such situations. What keeps me prepping are the day to day inconveniences that can transform to tiny emergencies.

    As I mentioned in my thread (sinbad blog) my son once did not care to bring his scientific calculator and it was needed in a test. I hysterically drove to some store and got one for him. He may have failed that test and if that happend, it would have been a PERSONAL disaster, not a national one.

    So, I try to teach my kids about prepping for those kinds of disasters which are more likely to happen than earthquake or tornado (in our area anyway).

    My DW always gave me funny looks and not-so-funny comments when I bought a few jars of peanut butter or honey. She didn't change her mind because of an earthquake or scary civil unrest. It was the skyrocketing food prices that showed her that what I did was wise. So, now we buy food in bulk and she only gives me her blessings.

    We have to understand people , especially in this age. Most people are narrowly focused, and understably so. When we watch the news and see people suffering in floods and wars , we gradually narrow our focus and draw an iron curtain between us and the outside world because we seem so helpless to do anything about it.

    Take Pakistan floods, for example. I , for one, wanted to send some donation, but could not trust ANYONE in their government. Money will just end up in someone's pocket and won't reach the needy. So, I close my eyes and ban many such thoughts from touching my brain cells. I just focus on my day to day family issues.

    In such mental setup, other good things maybe banned as well, like analyzing economic situations ..etc. And if one of us wants others to think more about prepping, the way is to take it easy with them, not threatening to kick them out if they visit after SHTF. That will only add to their stereotyping about preppers (survivalists ?) being maniacs bordering insanity.
  6. sinbad

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    Oh, and yes I know may people who PLAN to be UNprepared.

    I once donated a few emergency lights and fire extinguishers to our neighborhood social center. A few weeks later , they had some mainetenance and paint job , so they removed the emergency lights and fire extuinguishers to some storage room. Paint job finished but they didnt put emergency lights back.

    Elderly women and kids spend lots of time there, still no one seems to understand the imprtance of those emergency equipment.

    So, many people are not only failing to plan , they are rather PLANNING to fail. They got these emergency stuff free ( from me) but they are not caring to even leave them where they are. I hope and pray that we will not hear some bad news sometime.
  7. The_Blob

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    I feel (and know ) your pain... :cry:
  8. Emerald

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    Don't fret about them not doing anything about putting them back- do something about it! all you have to do is drop a bit of a bug in the local fire station's ear about their taking them down and they will have a fire Marshall stop by and advise them that any places that are used as meeting places must be up to code.
    You could also just volunteer your time to the shelter and put them all back up yourself. I spend a bit of time volunteering just because so many people say they will, or say I wish they "would/could/should" but not many step up.
    I have mini fire extinguishers in each car, the camper and a bigger muliti-purpose one in the kitchen. But I also know several different ways to put out small fires and different types of fires.. It pays to learn these little things. A friend and I stopped by a car on fire one day--the silly woman driving the car had not even bothered to get her kids out of the car! Girlfriend and I just popped the hood, thru sand on the car to keep the flames down and got all the kids and silly woman away from the burning vehicle... After that day I went and bought the fire extinguisher for the car... This was when I was 17. I will never forget that ladies face when the car's insides caught fire later just when the fire department got there-- everything was gone in minutes.
    But some things can not be taught. I tend to be calm in emergencies and then flip out later when everything and everyone is safe! Delayed reactions I guess.
  9. sinbad

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    The idea in this thread is people who insist on sticking to their mindset of being UNprepared. And I belive the best way is to be more patient with them until they "get it" someday.

    We can watch them , harras them, or bring the law to force them to do something. But that will not win them into "prepping" or trigger their minds into thinking (what if).

    Maybe the only "what if" they can think of will be (what if we wake up one day and these crazy so-called preppers have disappeared. WOW !)
  10. Emerald

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    I understood the concept of the thread- you are never gonna make everyone understand till it is too late. You can not change some mindsets, even then they will just sit, grouse and wait for someone to come in and take charge.(hence the name Sheeple)
    You just seemed so upset that the nice things you donated never got used properly-didn't mean to get your back up. It was just a suggestion.:eek:
    But there are those who still can be taught but ya have to wait for them to come to you.;) Just think of the little ones at the shelter watching you with your tools and wanting to know what cha doing and that will trigger some of them to do for themselves. ;)
  11. tsrwivey

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    One thing that has been effective for me on occasion is telling people what supplies FEMA, the Red Cross, etc. recommend that everyone have on hand. That's usually an eye opener & gives some validity to the need to be prepared from a source they wouldn't consider extreme or paranoid. Something about having the folks they think are going to rescue them tell them to get prepared.:)
  12. HozayBuck

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    This is an old joke, but..

    I think it fits this thread....

    One night a man was awaken from a sound sleep by a banging at his door, when he opened it there was a man who worked at the damn up stream from him, the guy yelled out that the damn was failing and to run for the hills..

    The home owner simply said, GOD will take care of me and went back to bed..

    A few minutes later the phone rang and it was the Fire Dept calling to warn folks to evac before the flood came, the man again said , GOD will take care of me, and went to sleep..

    He awoke to feel his home moving, running to the window he saw his home was rushing down the flooded river.. so he climbed out a window and up on to his roof.. where he saw a boat approaching with a man yelling for him to jump in, the Man yelled back that GOD was going to save him ..the guy in the boat rowed away.. soon a chopper appeared with the Sheriff hanging out the door with his hand out, the man shook his head no and mouthed the words that GOD was saving him..

    A few minutes later the house broke up and he drowned, When his soul reached Heaven he asked GOD why he didn't save him...

    GOD smiled sadly and said, well John, I sent the Dam man , had the fire dept call you, sent a boat and a chopper.. what more could I have done???

    Some people just will not be saved , witness New Orleans , how many people did we see sitting on their asses whining to the news hacks about how it was Bush's fault? they ignored the Mayor the Governor, the cops and the National Guard... my opinion?.. drown you stupid bastards...

    One of my oldest and dearest friends, was diagnosed with Diabetes , refused to take insulin because he had handed it to God...because "only" GOD can heal!... I fought with him for over two years.. then he started going blind.. I finely said... talk to your Pastor, see what his thoughts are.. his Pastor said well I admire your faith but why not let the doctors help? and he was told the same, only God can heal... his Pastor said , And who is sending the doctors?... my friend went, and while he is "almost" blind, there is still some vision..

    You have to help yourself.. you can not count on anybody .. good family, yes, best of friends, yes, maybe..... but in the end it's up to you...

    I just watched "Collapse" on netflix after reading about it in this forum..and I was impressed, I think the man has his chit together ... I know I'm changing some stuff as we speak! like my usual trip north in April or May is now on hold until maybe next year if there is a next year... I have too much to spend money on without blowing it hanging out up north...

    I advise all of you to really sit down and make lists, must have, be nice to have and don't really "have" to have..

    I'm looking at getting a few 55 gal drums and filling them with treated gas... for the tillers and chain saws and gen set.. it won't last for ever but it will get us over the first hump... after that we will be using a buck saw for wood cutting...OH Chit!! gotta buy that too!!... and a few axes and extra handles.. and a book on how to sharpen a saw.. heat ability to cook and shelter and your going to be way ahead of most.. provided you also have food to get you to the garden season..

    too much to talk about.. gotta go ...stuff to do!
  13. sinbad

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    I cannot make EVERYONE a believer. That is a task much bigger than me. Plus I understand people have different priorities in life. Take this example: a father gave his old car to his son when he ( the son) got married, and told him that he should spend his money to remodel part of the family house and live in it. That should save the son ton of rent money. The son has other plans. He sold the old car, and added ALL his saving for a new car. Now he lives in a flat somewehre and pays rent. It is beyond our logic and minset to understand why prefers a new shiny car to living somewhere FREE.

    Just to add a clarification. His parents house is made of 3 independant housing units as most of houses around here. One house in the ground floor, two flats in the first floor with independent entrance and stairs. So if he lived in his father's house, he will not be living with his parents per se, but will become a NEIGHBOR of his parents. So, living independently was not the reason for his decision.

    The son lost, and the father just painted and finsihed the 2 flats and rented them. Good for him, and too bad for the son.

    As we said : people priorities are different.

    Partially perhaps, but I have donated other things to others. Nothing special here in this case.

    I get upset even if I have no connection / interest to those folks. I just wish people wake up a little for their own sake. This is why I wrote some e-mails about some unsafe road conditions where kids walk to schools and was very upset that their own families didn't take time occasionally to come and see for themselves what was going on like construction work or such.

    Sometimes I care alot, and sometimes I just tell myself : let the world run as it does. You just can't save eveyone, especially from their own ignorance.
  14. Herbalpagan

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    I just remember that old say "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink'. Some day, something might happen to wake him up. You've done your best, the rest is up to him.