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This link is to some basic information. Disaster Preparedness | Legal

But you can go from there and learn more about NIMS and ICS.

This is an interesting site to visit if you're looking for some official information.

One advantage of learning what we can about the actual terms and procedures is it's easier to understand who has responsibility for what, and we can gauge where things stand through their use of terms, or even the awareness of the procedures as expressed by FEMA, State and local government. This can help you with your grasp of what hit your area and how well the response is going.*

*Examples include Mayor Nagens blink and lack of response to NIMS and ICS terms during his press conferences when asked questions and the La Gov's huge blunder when she demanded to know, on air, why no one actived her state's National Guard and some minor staffer informed her that doing so was her call. A contrasting example was when Florida's Governor, who understood FEMA called for and received assistance BEFORE a hurricane struck.

Many of the problems of Katrina required correction. Now FEMA doesn't have to wait until requests are made at State level if they detect those folks don't know what they're doing.
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