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In all the years we've been working to develop solutions for self-reliant, independent people such as yourself, I've never
been as worried as I am right now, and that's because of the interview in today's edition of Off The Grid Radio.

Our guest today is John Kappenman, the owner and Chief Analyst of Storm Analysis Consultants. John has a resume and list
of professional accomplishments the length of my arm and is one of the world's leading experts on the dangers from
geomagnetic storms, or what is commonly known as an ElectroMagneticPulse (EMP).

His testimony before the US House of Representatives was so compelling that the House voted unanimously to accept John's
new recommendations to protect the grid, and yet the legislation appears dead in the US Senate. Think about that-unanimity
in the US House of Representatives. Even Ron Paul supports this.

If our leaders fail to act, John and others experts have predicted that:

A solar storm of extreme strength will hit within the next few yearsThe entire global electric grid could go downThe most
at-risk components are hugely expensive and take years to replaceWe may live without electricity for 4-10 years

And tens of millions of people will die as their medications expire and are not replaced, as food rots on the farm and
hospitals turn into morgues.

Just imagine waking up tomorrow to discover that the electricity is off and isn't coming back on. City water will run out
within a day or two. Grocery stores will be out of food within 72 hours... if it lasts that long. No banks are open. Gas
stations can't pump the gas they have, and nothing more will be delivered. There are no telephones, TV and Radio stations
are off the air, there's no internet. And your local hospital is overwhelmed with the sick, injured and elderly...imagine
the ER without electricity, medicine or a reliable way to sanitize equipment. It's horrifying.

In short, we're talking about an apocalyptic time machine that will take us back 100 years, and while your grandparents
may have been accustomed to life before modern technology, polling here at suggests that even those of
us who are aware of and working towards total independence have a long way to go. (One poll showed that half of all
readers estimated they would starve within a month!)

What about the hundreds of millions in our own country who are blindly stumbling forward through life, oblivious to the
coming darkness.

I want to urge you to take an hour out of your time, right now, to listen to this life-changing interview with John
Kappenman, and after you've heard it, forward this email to everyone you know. There is no charge to listen, but the price
of ignorance could be beyond imagination. This crisis is right around the corner, and history has shown us it's not a
matter of 'if', but when, so please, click through and listen.

Imagine the lights going off suddenly


The Team at Off The Grid Radio

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Thanks RainBoKatchr for bringing the solar storm / emp possiblity to the fore front, I am not sure that a majority of North Americans realize what a huge external dump of uncontrolled power will do to not just the power grid but everything that the grid intertwines with, sure the lights are out , but so is the transport industry . Most fuel is pumped using electricity , and the big one most Class 8 truck-tractors have electronic engine controls , have had since the mid 90s. Most big fleets stay 5 years current , 10 at most , sure a few owner operators still have mechanical trucks but not many. the way I see it if a solar storm strong enough to fry the power grid hits , it will probably fry electronic controls also and with stores on a 1 1/2 day supply window food etc runs out quick water almost as fast, those aware enough can fill what containers they have and maybe their bath tub but that won't last long :scratch

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Building a faraday cage and filling it with electronics you'd want to protect is a start I suppose, but would have limited usefulness in a suddenly non-connected world.

Hopefully an EMP shock (solar or otherwise) would have varying levels of impact, leaving some areas less effected and in a position to assist. But I can't imagine even the best case scenario such as an effected area the size of time zone (quite plausible for an EMP impact) that wouldn't take a month or more for immediate needs to be relieved or restored.

With the just-in-time inventory economy immediately collapsing in an effected area, stocking up on the basics and individual needs would be essential. And problematic- try filling a prescription too soon. I'm thinking a stockpile of decent tequila might be the best insurance......

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Doom and Gloom; NOT A HAPPY POST

I read or heard somewhere (I cant remember which) that it's expected that if/when the lights DO go out, "Western" society would tear itself apart within three weeks.

Personally, I give it a week and a half of TOTAL DISCONECT (as in, nowhere on the grid is there power, phone gone, our belov-ed webernets gone, and no more TEXTING, [God be PRAISED!!!:peep:]), before everyone goes BAT$#!7 insane. Even less for the killing/raping/looting/etc to start.
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