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Only when you order through this ad.
Save $56

Harness the power of the sun to create meals just as you would in your gas or electric oven without having to rely on utilities. If the sun is shining, you can bake, even when it's cold outside.

One piece collapsible reflector sets up literally in seconds. Place your food inside and let the sun smile in. It also has a spill-proof self-leveling tray, it is light-weight, heavily insulated, and includes an easy-to-read built-in thermometer.

Only $243 including shipping and handling*. Check out all products and feel free to add options. You are saving over $56 so take advantage of the chance to order bakeware, books, etc with your savings. Please note on each item whether or not there is additional shipping; most ship free with the purchase of a Global Sun Oven.

Get a free e-book when you order. After you pay for your order I will send you a free e-book that you can save on your computer or print out that has outstanding tips and helps.

  • Solar oven cooking tips
    [*]Food storage and rotation
    [*]Recipes: Milk, breads, desserts, dinner, sauces, and much more all from your food storage
    [*]Bottling meats
    [*]Bottling cakes and bread; enormously useful to maximize your solar oven capabilities
    [*]Much, much more in this awesome e-book

I will accept PayPal ([email protected]), and personal check or money order. Order will be delayed while checks clear.

*Continental U.S. only. $45 surcharge to Alaska & Hawaii - $35 surcharge to Canada. All Continental U.S. shipments are shipped UPS Ground. Alaska, Hawaii & Canada shipments are shipped U.S. Priority Mail

Send Payments to:
Pinetop AZ 85935

Check Out Other Essentials:
Mylar Water Storage Bags $.50
Solar Sun Oven $243
Medical Sutures $8

I invented the internet. :rofl:
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Wow, kind of expensive. A person can do just fine with the reflectors and they are much cheaper.

If you're selling these commercially you might want to look into a cheaper, simpler solar cooking set-up to offer.

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There are cheaper ways to construct your own for sure. I have done it before. There is something to be said for precision when you really need a solar oven to perform to it's maximum ability. The Global Solar Sun Oven gets hotter than any other solar oven I have heard of.

They are built like a suitcase to pack around easily; my homemade type never could do that.

It is an investment that's for sure. It's built to last and I think a lot of people don't mind investing in quality made in America products, especially when they are very useful in preparedness situations. You can bake in this even when it's below freezing long as the sun is shining. It's not realistic for some people to haul wood or stock upon fuels for cooking. This is an alternative that can be considered.

Thanks for your input, people should always look around for alternatives that may suit their lifestyle and budget better.
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