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So, today, are you ready for this?

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I know there's some perverse joy that's gained by thinking about the end of the world as we know it, when what weapons you've cached will make all the difference, but what if something less dramatic happened? What if something like this happened at your home right now?

Here's the scenario: There's a severe winter storm that has shut down all the roads, brought down powerlines, and temperatures have plummeted to the single digits. You have no electricity, which, more than likely, means you have no furnace or boiler because they take electricity to run fans and pumps. So, how ready are you for this? What steps have you taken to ensure heat, light, and food for your family for 72 hours and beyond? How long could you hold out before you'd have to secure something beyond what you have at home (fuel, food, water, entertainment)? Just what are you going to do if there's no internet or TV to entertain you? What are the next steps you need to make to prepare if you aren't already prepared?

Personally, I see this as one of the most likely events for most Americans at any given time. If you really want to throw a wrench in it, what would you do if the storm came in while you were at work? In your car?
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Jeep Hammer,
With all due respect, I think you are leaving a few things off the list of things to worry about. What about war, terrorist attacks, societal collapse? This forum is named "Prepared Society" that means prepared for whatever threat we face. I realize you live in the country and are well prepared, but those of us who live near the urban centers are definately concerned about more than tornados, floods, etc.

I am "looking to the future" and that is why I am concerned. You are somewhat oblivious to plight of those less well positioned than yourself. We see a society in steep and rapid decline and we see that the people, including ourselves, are not prepared for what is coming. I am getting more prepared, but the hour seems late and the resources are limited.
Its clear that we all come from different circumstances. Where I am presently located, not far enough from D.C., I do definately feel the threat of terrorism is far more than the 'fear factor' it induces, there is a definate physical danger as well. Same thing for war. I should move but its easier said than done right now.

You said: "I do wish they would quit standing in the way of, and distracting the people that are actually getting something done and moving forward!"

So, who's standing your way?

But I did go off topic a little bit, sorry about that.
So rather than rant off topic, answer the question, please.
I haven't ranted about anything. My browser took me to mid-page and I didn't notice your first post, if I had I probably would not have joined in the discussion.

I can't imagine what kind jerk would take a perverse joy in societal collapse or war, but it ain't me. I'm just trying to prepare for bad things that go beyond ice storms, although that's part of the equation also.

In answer to your question, I have kerosene stoves, gas lanterns, crank and battery powered radios, ample food and water, books and conversation for entertainment and a generator.
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