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So, today, are you ready for this?

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I know there's some perverse joy that's gained by thinking about the end of the world as we know it, when what weapons you've cached will make all the difference, but what if something less dramatic happened? What if something like this happened at your home right now?

Here's the scenario: There's a severe winter storm that has shut down all the roads, brought down powerlines, and temperatures have plummeted to the single digits. You have no electricity, which, more than likely, means you have no furnace or boiler because they take electricity to run fans and pumps. So, how ready are you for this? What steps have you taken to ensure heat, light, and food for your family for 72 hours and beyond? How long could you hold out before you'd have to secure something beyond what you have at home (fuel, food, water, entertainment)? Just what are you going to do if there's no internet or TV to entertain you? What are the next steps you need to make to prepare if you aren't already prepared?

Personally, I see this as one of the most likely events for most Americans at any given time. If you really want to throw a wrench in it, what would you do if the storm came in while you were at work? In your car?
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No war on US shores since 1812,

Not entirely true. Not counting the Alamo. There was a little skirmish in the 1860's called the Civil War. Indian raids. The Japanese shelling San Diego. Gemans sinking ships in the Gulf. Al Quaida attacking New York & DC.

That said us getting "nuked" doesn't overly disturb me.

"Societal Collapse" is a figment of uneducated/undereducated and paranoid minds, AND, the hucksters trying to get you to CONSUME!!!."

Civil disturbances such as the riots in Watts & Chicago & the breakdown in law and order Post Katrina wasn't "figments of uneducated/undereducated and paranoid minds." It did happen and given the same circumstances, it will happen again.

Living in the country one wouldn't be exposed to this. Living in the city, it's a very real, very near threat.

I live it every day.

And, if today, while law and order is in effect, people are being blown away daily for no reason, as is happening, why should one think things wouldn't quickly turn into a chaotic hell when the next "Katrina scenario" occurs?
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SheepHammer Speaketh "No war on US shores since 1812"

And further pontificates

Internal fighting, not foreign attack.
Again, crack a history book before posting

Showing that he doesn't hit check his emails before posting

But, I guess he just proves the saying - "EMPTY BARRELS MAKE THE MOST NOISE"
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