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Discussion in 'General Chit-Chat' started by Turtle, Dec 19, 2009.

  1. Turtle

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    . . . that this was the WRONG winter to pick to go Jeep-less. First time in about eleven years that I haven't owned at least one Jeep. We just traded my '08 JK in for an '07 Mustang, mostly because it is saving me a ton of money, but also because I never really liked the JK as much as the TJ that it replaced. The plan was to use my spring bonus and our tax return to pick up another TJ in three months . . . but with record-breaking snow expected already . . . . Thinking I may need to re-think this.
  2. UncleJoe

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    Yeah, that Mustang might have a problem pushing itself through this mess. :rolleyes:

  3. NaeKid

    NaeKid YourAdministrator, eh?

    Some of the reports that I have read in the last few years (and I feel like I am preaching again) have declared that the sun is going into a decline and will continue to "slow-down" over the next few years. If those predictions are true, it basically means that the world is heading into the beginnings of an ice-age. If the sun does not recover and start burning hotter within 10 years, it would be the signal that a 50-year ice-age will consume the planet-earth.

    I have been telling everyone that I know to prepare for ice-age - purchase the best 4-wheel-drive that they can - stock-up on winter-gear and such.

    I have been reading in the papers that snow is being seen on the ground (and not melting immediately) in some of the southern-states where snow has not been seen at all in recent recorded history. To me, that means that an ice-age will turn Mexico into a "temperate-zone" and have weather similar to what Canada and northern USA have experienced normally for the last 100 years or so.

    Any members from Texas or Arkansas wanna comment on snow-fall in their areas?
  4. Turtle

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    . . . Well, that's a helluva downer, Vance.

    Maybe it's just a mis-information campaign to get all the Mexicans to go back?

    Dammit. I guess I had been become a better skier. I hate snow. Texas is looking better and better.

    Yeah, trading in the JK is saving me about 10k off the total loan, and about $140 a month, so financially, it made a lot of sense. And Maryland typically doesn't see this sort of snowfall, so I thought I'd be safe. It appears I was wrong.

    I figure buying a TJ again will allow me to sink a lot more money into it and really build it up the way I want it than if I had to make payments on it. And I won't feel bad sliding into trees at Rausch Creek with no payments. :D
  5. NaeKid

    NaeKid YourAdministrator, eh?

    I built my YJ for trails around here. It does well enough (with the right tires) on the highway - but - 38" tires really shine in the deep-stuff. My LJ is built differently, it was built to be a snow-killer and tow-rig. Front locker, rear posi, 32" BFG AT's, heavy rear bumper / hitch, laser-cut and CNC formed front bumper, 8000lb Warn winch .. I still need to form up a light-bar and build up a roof-rack for my gear or 16' canoe ..

    If I might suggest for a winter-killer - go with the longer wheel-base. A GrandCherokee or Cherokee (XJ) are both great for snow-killing. The regular SWB Wrangler I find is too twitchy in the deep-snow for my liking - hence the reason why my YJ is parked for the winter. My little lady is still driving her YJ in the winter - but - only on the nicer days. Otherwise, we take the TJ Unlimited - it just feels safer.
  6. bunkerbob

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    I love my (XJ) 1993 grand, about 230,000m on it, still strong. Inline 6, most bullet proof motor I've ever had, Not much modified, 2" lift, larger tires, but will go just about anywhere and you can sleep 2 in the back. Our newer (YJ) 2005 wrangler, is my wifes every day, go to work vehicle. Same motor, love it too. Both hold true to my weapons, "they will have to pry them from my cold dead hands":sssh::nuts::2thumb:
  7. Turtle

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    Yeah, I've had two XJs ( an '89 and a '91) and a ZJ ('93) and they were all great for different reasons than my TJ (the option to sleep in it was great!) and all had the 4.0 six. Love that engine.

    I'm not really looking for ultimate snow ability . . . we just don't get that much down here, usually no more than two or three inches at a time. I just miss owning a Jeep, and miss the utility aspect. I thought about picking up an old XJ (a guy in my local Jeep club is selling one for $500) but I really want a wrangler again. When the weather breaks, I put the top down and leave it down for weeks at a time.

    I would kind of like to get an LJ (long wheel-base TJ) but they didn't start building them until, what? 2001 or so? And they are harder to find and are outside of my price range (Looking to spend no more than $5000). I could find a really nice YJ for that much, or an older TJ and start off with a more capable platform.
  8. piglett

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    having looked under both GrandCherokees & Cherokee i will have to stick with my old toyota pickups.
    the Jeeps just look to have much weaker components underneath (smaller in size)I do have to say that the 4.0L is a dam fine motor though.