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    So, my last place of employment sat me in front of a 20ft x 6ft TV set with news streams 24/7........I got all sorts of twisted so i took a hiatus from news all together minus stuff ive been picking up here......Im ready to get back in the swing but am fairly unfamiliar of where to get it....can anyone point me towards an UNBIASED source? i dont want anything that swings left or right....just the facts!

  2. mosquitomountainman

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    My personal opinion is that there is no such thing as unbiased reporting because there is no such thing as an unbiased reporter. It does help to look at coverage from overseas though. At least they have a different take on what happens over here and usually have no stake in reporting the news as they see it.

    Try to expand your circle of influence also. I used to think liberals were total and absolute idiots until I spent time with one who could actually explain his position without getting defensive. I now understand why they see things like they do and there is a somewhat logical thought pattern involved. I still believe they're wrong but some of them are not idiots.

    If it's subject of interest there will be organizations with an opposing view. Do a search for information and check out alternate views. We had a guy from the East coast come to see us while on a bicycle trip that was astounded to see all the trees we have here. He'd been told that the entire area had been stripped clean by clearcutting and there were no trees left in Montana. (Of course the organization wanted money to stop the evil loggers from destroying the national forests!) At least his trip gave hime a good idea of who NOT to believe.

    Another thing is to read more articles on the same event. Each one gives a few more details and eventually you can get a more complete picture. Those that are completely and unashamedly biased I don't bother with.

    And also, don't just read the headlines. Many are complete distortions of the gist of the article. Often you'll find relevant information buried in the article. That's one of the favorite ploys of biased journalism. Too many people only read the first couple of paragraphs so reporters will add the information from the "other side" late in the article. Did they cover all the angles? Well some of them anyway, but they buried them in places most people will never go.

    As far as television news, news programs (like Dateline, 60 minutes, etc)? I've never seen any yet that was worth watching.

  3. NaeKid

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    All "news" is written and spoken from someone's point-of-view - it could be the network's POV, it could be the journalist's POV and no matter what, someone's personal opinion will be voiced.

    The only news that you can trust is when you read from different points-of-view and be open to both sides of the topic. When you read about something happening in your general area, try to find an article from another country that describes that same story to find out if what you are being fed from the power-that-be is actually true.
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    As far as television news, news programs (like Dateline, 60 minutes, etc)? I've never seen any yet that was worth watching

    Mosquitomountainman?? Think Jesse Ventura has them beat hands down??
  5. mosquitomountainman

    mosquitomountainman I invented the internet. :rofl:

    I don't know. We haven't subscribed or watched network TV in years. We occassionally get short perids with it when visiting others but in those times it hasn't changed for the better.
  6. The_Blob

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    my own guilty pleasure is to watch MSNBC AND FOX NEWS at the same time, especially when covering the same story... it is more entertaining than The Daily Show with the different spin-doctors :lolsmash:
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    I only watch tv on Fridays..stopped watching about the time Beck left CNN and went to Faux news...but I do like those ID shows...disappearing people and murder stories on 285...and educational ..but, even those, only when I'm cutting lots of veggies for canning like green tomato relish, etc.
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    I dropped TV when it went digital. Wasn't worth the bother. I just don't wanna sit through the bull$hit. I don't care who Brittni S is screwing or what Brad Pitt thinks. On a computer, I don't have to waste my time on them.

    I normally grab 5 US and 2 or 3 foreign news outlet on the computer each morning. If the caffiene doens't get my blood moving, the damned news will.

    The bias on the various outlets is alarming. Not only how something is covered, but what is not covered at all on some news orgs.
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    I enjoy listening to BBC World on NPR, usually on 5am weekdays. They have a good slant on what's happening in the good ole USA.
  10. Jason

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    Our local PBS TV station (in Pittsburgh, it's channel 13) broadcasts BBC news. we also get BBC america on the satellite, and waayyy up in the real high numbered channels there's a couple interesting ones. One is WorldView TV or something like that, that has TV from all over the world. I don't watch much news because when our TV is on it's usually set to kids educational TV for our boy.

    One pet peeve I do have is that when I do get the chance to watch , say, CNN, it's Larr King or Joy Behar or some other celeb type talk show. I'd honestly rather just watch a reporter at a desk, giving the news, even if it is slanted. At least then I could cross-reference it with other sources.

    Just my 2 cents.
  11. CulexPipiens

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    Consider using an RSS reader and subscribing to a variety of news feeds from various sites.

    Like others have said, you won't get unbiased, but if you try to get a variety you can at least get the key stories from a few different perspectives. I like the RSS method quite a bit as I can ignore all the Brittany type stories and just open up the ones that I feel may be relevant to know about.

    I've also noticed that not only is the TV news biased, but, at least on broadcast channels, it has really been dumbed down. Even more so then I ever remember. They now spend time surfing the web, on air, to show you some new distracting web site that they think is cute or funny. A lot of real stories aren't even mentioned and for those that are, the coverage is so brief that they really couldn't communicate anything other than a headline or two of info anyway. At least the foriegn sources seem to have a bit more meat to their coverage. BBC, as also previously suggested, is a good starting point.
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    Have not read any thing but the first post and i,ll say now. Watch this and that and make your own mind up. I believe nothing i hear with out checking it out my self. Watching a news program ya have to have a little common sense to pick the truth out of it. For me cnn, cbs, nbc are oboma land period. Anyone can see that, just watch. Fox is what news i do watch and if i have a question on something i look it up for myself. I will not let any TV program spoon feed me what they think ids the facts. Looking it up for your self will bring what ya have a question on into the light.