So if the S hasnt hit the fan ny October 3rd

Discussion in 'General Chit-Chat' started by biobacon, Sep 4, 2013.

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    Ditto! :)
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    We don't have a large number of guns or ammo. We don't have bows (yet) and although we also don't have a large stock pile of supplies, I hope we are comfortable enough to survive at least 6 months on what we do have.

    We still take time for family (football games for the nephew, basketball for Bubby), and get what we can when we can.

    Find a happy balance and it cuts out A LOT of stress.

  3. Genevieve

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    *shrugs* nobody told ya had to stop living in order to be prepared. You did that yourself.
    Do what ever you feel like. If you're here you're here; if not you're not. If you want to take your ball and go home then do so. lol

    I have never talked of shooting bad guys, riots and insurrection so I don't think I'm missing out on anything lol

    And I am not " one of you guys". I am me in my own separate category thank you. *wink*
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    BINGO!!!............she gitz it perfectly :beercheer: some of us bio, its a way of life...not 'stress'....lots of pretenders but not many who really walk the walk is what ya make it....and homesteading is a WAY OF LIFE...........:cheers:
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    Even as a way of life, many of the parts need to be re-examined and adjusted regularly. So many things change over time, and focus and plans need to adjust.
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    I get all of what your saying Im just saying enough of the commando prepper mentality for me right now. I kinda wana roll with the gardening/ chicken urban homesteading crowd for a while. Im sure in a couple weeks when I go to get my deer tag and get to look at all the guns behind the shelf I'll be back but that's then and this is now.
  7. Grimm

    Grimm There is a place in Hell for me...the THRONE.

    Just hang out in the 'kitchen' with us ladies until you feel up to playing army with the boys...

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    Grimm you ain't right lol

    Biobacon, live your life. I don't sit around reading, watching, or listening to news all day. I give very little of my time to it because it makes me angry & it's a waste of life. Instead I enjoy life with my family & friends & find ways to be a blessing to others, that's where my time, energy, effort, & focus are & will remain. Whatever is gonna happen will happen but all we know is we have today so enjoy it. You don't have to be a gun fanatic & trying to keep up with the Jones' is never a good idea.
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    I work in the kitchen and my wife was in the army so Im already kida warped arnt I? LOL
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    You could sell some of your guns so you can do stuff and finish prepping if you have to. I thought I read that you had a three month supply of food. If that's true I'd definitely sell some guns so I could bump that up to one year.

    We have two shotguns, ammo, and a year's supply of food and water. I wouldn't buy more guns if I wasn't fully prepped.
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    Everybody has to find the way that's right for them, for some "prepping" is a hobby, for me it is my way of life. I wouldn't suggest that anyone needs to take the path I have taken, anymore than I would take theirs.

    We have a LOT of guns (or at least we did until they were lost in the tragic boating accident) BUT they weren't bought for show, heck most people will never see them. I don't shoot more than a couple rounds at paper in a year, paper has done nothing to provoke me as of yet and it doesn't taste good. Do I care when people tell me that without constant training I wouldn't hit the broad side of a barn? No, I tell them if they want to prove it they can pace off 300 yards and let me take the first shot;) For me personally, I think hunting is better training for a shtf situation anyways, more the rifleman/sniper type myself and it is a lot cheaper. If someone else wants to be Rambo that's fine with me.

    I have always said that IMO, preparedness shouldn't COST any money, for me it has saved and in fact MADE us money. Buying in bulk, eating healthy food, alternative energy, buying extra when prices are low, etc. etc. etc. all save money.

    Like others I prepare for any eventuality, not just a TEOTWAWKI type event (that gets the least attention because it is the least likely). However, I don't "think" my house will burn down but that doesn't mean I don't have redundant means of fire suppression, smoke alarms, emergency plans etc. just in case.
  12. northstarprepper

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    I must say that this thread alone encourages me that this site has the best people anywhere. I love the attitude displayed by you all in this thread. You impress me with each and every word. As for myself, I continue to build up our food supplies and other things we might need if we are stuck here through part or all of a Minnesota winter. My original plan was to head south to southern Missouri should some catastrophic event occur. Working on convincing the DW we should invest soon in some "vacation land" in that area. I have made plans for travel, even if an EMP should stop our BOV. But like you all, I prep a little here and there. We live a good life with occasional movies, concerts, and spoiling our grandkids. Those joys I am not ready to give up. I do some prepping each paycheck and overtime gives me more leeway in deciding what to purchase that week. I just wanted to say "Bless you all!" it is a pleasure to know there are such wonderful people on here. I mostly just read and learn, but I had to tell you how blessed I feel being here.