So if the S hasnt hit the fan ny October 3rd

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    Quoted for truth!!! :kiss:
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    And there you have it!

    It's not about giving up your life. It's about tweaking your lifestyle enough that should something horrible go wrong (Oct. 3rd or not) you're not sitting there wondering; How could this happen? What do I do now?

    DW and I aren't ones to go out and spend money frivolously but we do go out to eat a few times a month, go to the movies, concerts occasionally and the once or twice a year weekend excursion. The animals do keep us tied here more than a lot of folks but that is a choice we made a long time ago. She's had horses since she was a kid and wouldn't have it any other way.

    You don't stop living to prep. You prep to keep living no matter what life throws at you. Get back to living. Grow that garden. Preserve some of it. Raise those chicks. Maybe even add a few more. :D But don't forget about today and doing the things you enjoy.

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    The main priority of a pepper is his/her family if you get caught in the doom
    scenario is like a drug addiction that will just bury you financially and health wise, prepared for a rainy day, for the day that you and wife don`t want to cook and just open a jar of whatever you have canned, prepared for the worse case scenario in your area, snow storm , cold weather, power loss
    many go to extremes on ammo and guns expecting zombies to attack, enjoy the shooting sports teach the young ones and above all enjoy your family knowing that you have supplies for that rainy day.
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    I read the news. I look at various prepper sites. I watch youtube videos. I keep an eye out everyday. I expect a stock market crash in October. I keep waiting for World War III to start. Despite all that, I live my life as normally as possible. Sometimes I get a little stressed and have to get away from it for awhile. People need to keep some balance in their lives so it doesn't get overwhelming.
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    Most of us have had to learn to not get so stressed about what may happen tomorrow that we forget to live today.

    Guns are vastly overrated by many preppers. Don't get hung up on them. I (and most people) could do just fine with only a .22 rifle or a shotgun. There are dozens if not hundreds of things a person can do to "prep" that don't cost a dime and can be enjoyable ways to pass the time. Most of them are bushcraft type skills enabling one to live off the land with virtually nothing. The Indians did it for centuries without need of modern appliances.

    We recently went on a bike trip and, as always, did a mental inventory of things discarded or lost along the roadside. We could have left with nothing and been adequately equipped by the end of the day. We saw blankets, seat cushions of various sizes (may old bones really appreciate some padding at night!), a life jacket, shirts, socks, silverware, pans, cans, lighters, yards of cordage, sheets of plastic, and more each day. We could have set up a good camp with what we saw along the road.

    The point is that it doesn't take money to prep. Knowledge is key and acquiring knowledge is fun as well.

    One thing I've learned over the years is that the more specific the prediction (Y2K, 2012, etc.) the less likely it is to happen. It's the surprise ones that you have to watch out for! ;)
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    Lmao!!!!, when I was a kid I used to stay home from school, sick of coarse and sit in my bedroom window with my pellet gun and shoot the tree rats aLl day long. Lol . Thanks for the memory Grimm:teehee:
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    Im glad to have your company on here and I think very few people dont have some burn out on any subject.
    Thats one of the reasons why I come HERE I can talk about ANYTHING.
    EVEN totaly silly stuff and have pm,d some real nice folks.
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    My husband is not in good health.
    He has had open heart surgery, a few strokes, lost sight in one eye due to stroke, last July had carotid surgery, in Feb. had a stroke/seizure---
    he works 10 hours a day driving a farm truck and tractor bush hogging(until that ends soon).
    But, I know. When he goes I can not live on my SS. His S.S. will not pay for the household expenses and I can not live here and there goes the VA disability check also.:(
    So, I know one thing---I will not starve while I am trying to sell this property because I have lots of food. I mean lots.:p
    I even thought of sharing expenses with another widow.
    I'll just have to let God lead me. He has so far.:beercheer:
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    I appreciate you sharing your thoughts

    Depressing ideas here. Depressing thoughts.

    Some days when I think about the news and the future, I think that no matter what I do or where I go, it will never be enough. I don't have any support from anyone. It is me, me, and me. My "family", the ones close to me and close to where I live are in another world. They know what I am about. I mostly get made fun of about it. I'm sure many others on here do as well.

    So, for me to have a well developed BOL, isn't happening. I am pretty much stuck in the big city. I have family that is around 400 miles away. I do not see them or have that much contact with them. They do not believe in prepping anyway. All my prepping is done by me, but for the larger, closer family (4 or 5)

    I think that no matter what, it is a matter of time before those of us on the list will be taken out. My mind this week was on the Holocaust. First they took away one group, then another, then another. Who will be first here? Where are each of us on the list?

    Some days I think I need to just live my life as best I can now, and not think about it.

    I am grateful for the preps I have, to help keep us safe for a while. I am grateful for preparing my mind, my skills, and collecting stuff. But somedays I feel as though it is more than I can do, to make much of a difference for us.
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    Bio, I had a further thought. Maybe you can feel better about that safe if, when you look at it, you think about guns holding their value better than most things you could own. Now, I suppose they decrease in value somewhat with inflation, so they are not a perfect hedge. But, you can always sell them for about the same value you bought them for...and if a gun ban comes, they will double in value until the ban is rescinded...depending on what kind of gun each is. So, maybe when you look in your gun safe, think of your gun safe as if it were a bank vault with part of your savings in it.
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    I want to agree with Tacitus, a gun safe full of nifty toys that will be family heirlooms to generations yet born is also the worlds best hedge on investment.

    A gun will buy a LOT of silver in a post SHTF market...
    Silver buys food and also day laborers and also... whatever...

    Here's a web article I have read a couple times... I take this guy at his word because he's not saying anything that is ever brand oriented and the executive summary is both he and his wife agreed "we wish we had more food" stored.

    a .22 that is #3 in the safe is unused today, but it's a rabbit killer, food provider in the hands of a nephew, neighbor, or someone who becomes a trusted ally

    yet another "deer rifle" is a long range defensive tool... if I see some schmuck murdering innocents I have no particular reason to believe that Almighty God will intervene before he and his buddies get within 100 yards of my house, or 20 yards... or closer. What I could have taken care of as the vengeance, I may reap the consequences of as the lamb. Personally... I'd rather be alive and the vengeance upon the wicked then dead and the suffered.... **** that.

    Neither guns nor ammo, nor food, nor the ability to work on, or manufacture any of those are wasted efforts.

    If things really go to ****... would you rather be sitting in your front yard looking at 10 blue barrels full of guns and ammo and all kinds of other toys, or 10 blue barrels full of grains, food stores, garden preps, and also a bunch of guns, ammo, and even some silver!

    I want all of it... I'm greedy that way :p I want to burn as many of my FIAT dollars as possible on things that matter if EVERYTHING gets taken away. I could spend $4500 on a weekend in Cabo... or I could break that up over the year and buy another gun, get more silver, buy some solar panels, etc etc etc...

    Good luck... and try not to let the chase get you down. what you're buying today if you never miss it, is a windfall to your generations going forward. :)
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    When ya planning my birthday!? :lolsmash:
  13. Salekdarling

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    Prepping should be considered a fun hobby, not soul consuming. I don't do a lot of prepping because I don't have the finances to make it happen, but I do what I can, and I enjoy it while I do so. I don't let the doom and gloomers bother me like I use to in the infancy of my prepping... just stressed me out! On that note, I hope you stick around like you have been, Bio. You're part of our extended family - a family filled with quite a rainbow of opinions and ideas (which I absolutely love!). I'd hate to see you not post as often. :( :kiss:
  14. Grimm

    Grimm There is a place in Hell for me...the THRONE.

    When is your birthday and what is your favorite Disney character?

    Roo is very fond of Princess and the Frog right now so everything is mint green, pale yellow and lavender... Plus I plan on making a huge batch of jambalaya, virgin mint juleps, cafe au lait and beneits. Not to mention the orange blossom cake i am making from scratch.
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    I think Roo would get along with my son. He is fond of Green frog. Its a character we made up when he refused to wear a trick or Treat outfit last year. After being more then a little upset I took his green frog bath towel and asked him if he wanted to be a frog this year. He bought that and now with boots and a background story Green Frog Lives!
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    Perfectly said
  17. Grimm

    Grimm There is a place in Hell for me...the THRONE.

    Roo has a frog bath towel too! She loves it and runs around with it on like a cape.

    I asked my mom to make a dress for Roo's birthday inspired by P and the F. It is a pillowcase style dress in satin fabrics. I plan to use the same style dress for her Halloween costume next year- Tinkerbell. I was T-bell when I was 3 and it was a pillowcase style dress my mom made. I figured since my mom wants to recreate photos from my and her own youth with Roo she'd get a huge kick out of the T-bell costume.
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    My birthday is December 11th, and I have two favorite Disney princesses: Belle and Aurora ;) Oh! And my favorite color is lilac. :lolsmash:

    Roo is going to have the best birthday ever!
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    Hey Im still waiting to find out what I owe you for my socks. Errr the ones for my feet, not the other one you mentioned in that weird love fest thread LOL
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    Ummmmmm...maybe I missed it in the 4 pages of posts I've read, but what is so special about October 3...?? :scratch

    (Oh - glad you're sticking around, Bio! ;) )