smoothies and liposomes

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    The problem with mixing so many smoothies up ahead of time is that a lot of vitamins are lost through oxidation.
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    Half spinach, half frozen Sambazon acai puree, banana and strawberry, some water. Best smoothie so far, my toddler took my glass to his breakfast table so made another for myself this morning.
    Just made one to take to work: a half greens, half acai puree, banana strawberry, with lemon juice to cut the stronger green taste and some water. Thinking I should weigh myself and keep a menu and health journal, then check back in a few weeks with results. If I post this, surely *someone* here will hold me to this. :) OK?
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    I'm bumping this thread up to now because Christmas is coming and I'm eyeballing either a juicer( jack lalane?) or something that will do the same thing ( vitamix,nutribullet,ect) as a present that the hubby can get me ( we've given up trying to guess for each other. we just say I would like this lol).

    SO! How is this juicing/smoothie thing going for everybody?

    Any problems you've run across?

    I'm thinking this could be a good way to help boost the immune system.

    I bookmarked the "all about juicing" website to look at.
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    My vita mix is 30 years old, I saved $20.00 a week, got the scratch & dent.
    Not a mark on it.
    I left it on the kitchen table for my young wife's 2nd anniversary.
    I still get points every week when she use it.
    Mostly for smoothies, but bread,pancakes,soup & ice cream, also.
    I hear it makes a mean Pina colada, too.:D
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    My cardiologist got me started on CoQ10.

    As far as the expensive pee theory goes, if it is in the urine the kidneys filtered it out of the blood so your body got all it wanted already. If you really want expensive pee do a drug test for your prescription drugs. In some cases there are so much of certain drugs that they are being found in the ground water.
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    Care to share exactly what your cardiologist said about it?
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    Yes, please share, we all want to know.
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    I'm still waiting on the folks who said they were "juicing" or using smoothies to answer my questions lol

    must be a secret huh?:p
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    I agree about not making them in advance. I think the day old blend would gg me.

    If I need to do any prep work, it is to wash and bag the fresh ingredients. Veggies go in the fridge, fruits in the freezer, depending.

    This summer I did bags of fresh pineapple, mango and papaya in the freezer and added a banana while blending along with kefir.
  10. Genevieve

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    I did my first smoothie this morning. I used a banana, a scoop of whey protein powder ( choc yum lol),a handful of ice cubes and some original almond milk.

    I have to say it wasn't bad but I'm not big on bananas so I'm going to have to find some other fruit to add.

    I was thinking of frozen orange segments since they're in season right now and I have a couple in the fridge. Has anyone used oranges for a smoothie? did it turn out okay?
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    Oranges turn out fine, like using orange juice in a homemade orange julius. I like frozen strawberries, peaches, or mixed berries also. I just fill the blender with my greens first so I don't use too many. :)
  12. Genevieve

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    great! thanks for the info. I'll have to try the oranges then.

    Looks like I'll be freezing a good bit of cherries and such this year to use come winter lol