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  1. sailaway

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    Who all has a small porta potty as part of your gear, with extra chemical treatment? How many rolls of T P do you have stocked? I have a small porta potty from an old sailboat and 6 rolls of T P. I should probably get some more chemicals. Maybe a plastic 5g pale with a seat is better, just line it with plastic bags.:confused:
  2. NaeKid

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    I have two porta-potties - one a bucket-style with a seat and the other a flush-style with upper water tank and lower holding tank. Both can be chemical toilets and the bucket-style can have a basic garbage bag tossed into the bucket for easy toss-away.

    My camping trailer doesn't have a built-in potty - so - I need to bring something along for my lady .. and .. I have a shelter that I can put up around the potty so that she has privacy, which she likes alot!

  3. UncleJoe

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    50 - in 2 plastic totes :sssh:
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    I use this portable toilet Reliance Luggable Loo at This year when camping with all the grandkids, and children, they used it many times daily, their comments were, "its amazing, no smell", the system uses the new technology the military is using, a double bag with a bio-gel inside that immediatly breaks down solids and eliminates smells. It is sold with or without the 5 gal bucket, I get the orange buckets from Home Depot so everyone know by color what it is, and buckets from there are cheap to boot. The double bag system has a outer bag that has handles and a ziplock feature to seal. The sturdy seat just snaps on the bucket and can easily be removed for cleaning later. One note, this also does not need water like some of the porta-potties.

    I plan on having several in the shelter along with a large supply of bags, along with the fixed toilet that will be installed.
  5. allen_idaho

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    That is a funny coincidence. I use those orange buckets from home depot as well. They only cost $5.
  6. bunkerbob

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    Allen, the orange buckets here are only $2.36 ea. The clear food grade ones are $5. Speaking of that they, the clear ones, make great storage containers when coupled with gamma seal lids Screw Top Lids for 5 Gallon Buckets - <i>5 Pack</i> ( for long term bulk storage. With these you can open a bucket and reseal airtight very easily.