Since when is the USA a 3rd world mudhole?

Discussion in 'International Current News & Events' started by Magus, May 30, 2011.

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    The FDA has a shortage office?

  3. Frugal_Farmers

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    Welcome to Corporate Medicine--Big Business.

    Just like your grocery store who is receiving regular Just in Time (JIT) deliveries, our medical institutions are doing exactly the same thing. Hospitals are being forced to reduce inventory and cut down on certain "consumables".

    I can gaurantee you that they would never run out of contrast die for MRIs or CAT SCANs. These are their big money makers.
    Now to answer your question--
    Since when is the USA a 3rd world Mudhole? I would say 1954.
  4. IrritatedWithUS

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    I'm in pharmacy school trying to get my doctorate in pharmacy. We are taught that when medication isn't available to see if another pharmacy has it or special order it. They have been teaching us it can take up to 3 weeks to get medication. When I was getting my prerequisites for pharmacy, they taught us that if a pharmacy or hospital didn't have any medication to call another pharmacy/hospital or order it which can take no more than a week.

    Hmmm....strange!! I stock up on my pills anyways
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    This does not really surprise me. Things are getting totaly out of hand. This is our world starting to crumble around the edges. Prepare for the worst and Pray for the best.
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    This is a great opportunity to teach sheeple to have at least a month's supply of all their regular medications. These types of things happen regularly on a smaller scale that goes unnoticed until it's the medication he or his loved one requires.
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    Hmm,come to think of it,my doctor forced me on a three month plan about a year ago for my meds.wonder what he knew nobody's talking about?

    time to bone up on my herbs I guess.
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    It's a good idea to keep a one to three month supply of your meds, especially life-sustaining medications.

    If the SHTF, start weaning yourself off meds by breaking them in half (such as blood pressure meds, anti-depressants, etc.), but ONLY if you're reasonably sure the bad situation is going to last longer than your normal doses would.

    Many medications should not be stopped suddenly. Know everything you can about yours.