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    I am not new here, but I am not a frequent visitor

    I am from the Middle east and have been on several American forums for maybe 10 years now (on and off ). Maybe from the Y2k times. I had many western friends locally and then gained more friends in cyber space.

    Mostly I am ineterested in learning family preparedness. Sometimes I get into political discussions but not much. Naturally many of my views are different from yours, but I respect everyone. I especially appreciate forum administration which allows respectful exchange of ideas and views.

    Let me assure you guys that what I say here , I do say over our local boards. If I say here that ( not all Arabs are bad ) . I did and will say ( not all Americans are bad ) on our local forums. Earlier, I was more active in forums and went further to bridge the gap by (for example) translating Arabic words of sympahty in our local papers, when Katrina hit the U.S.

    I am not that active these days ( getting older you know ) so I focus on the family as Dr. Dobson says. :D Especially on the safety and preparedness of the family.

    One of my goals is prepare for my retirement, like learn gardening and such. I have a small area maybe 16 x 12 feet but know nothing about gardening. I will also use some of my retirement time to promote safety/preparedness in the community.

    Natural disasters are not common around here but things are changing I guess. There are more stories now about land caving in because of excessive underground water consumption. That is not to mention inflation, unemployment and increasing numbers of foreigners in these countires ( sometimes more than the locals) :(

    Many other problems are mushrooming in the area and it just mean future problems to prepare for.

    Well, that is about it I guess.
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    Nice to hear from you again sinbad.

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    I was wonderin' where you went off to ... you were quiet for a while.

    Welcome back
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    Yup, usually I am very noisy :D LOL

    Seriuosly though... I often drift in life's daily rountine .. and then remember that I am so behind in my preparedness program. Fortunately or unfortunately (others can judge) there are no local preparedness boards, so I have got to jump to the other side of the planet to read and learn a bit about that.

    I will always appreciate having me on these boards.
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    A few years back we used to work out in the field. That meant travelling in the desert , or being in a ship for a week or 10 days. Off course, this is enough justification to have a course in survival in those environments. But you know how it is sometimes. Upper management may not like to pay for such training , and even many engineers and technicians themselves think it is NOT necessary. As usual they think "nothing will happen, don't worry too much".

    So I thought, if courses are not available , the second best thing is joining these boards for some self-education.

    Now that I am older I don't go out that often, but I picked up the hobby anyways.

    BTW, one of my friends was travelling to work site a few months ago and one of the wheels of their vehicles came off the axle. Lucky for them it was soft sand , so the car was cushioned into gradual stop. They had stellite phone and called for help.

    This is one friend who will not carry a multitool in such a trip. He was not prepared bu he was lucky. I wonder how many times can we depend on luck.