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    No. I haven't started my own blog somewhere else. Too lazy for that.
    It's easier to start a thread in some forum and unload my thoughts in it. :D

    Hre goes first story. It happened last year

    It was about this time of the year when the desert become cooler and the rain produces all kinds of flowers in the otherwise barren sands. A guy was driving his Land Cruiser heading towards his freinds' camp. He stopped at about sunset time and rested a bit. It was getting dark, and he started moving to reach the camp. He noticed something moving in the distant sandy expanse. He waited and found it was two girls age 12 & 5 ... They were lost, hungry and thristy.

    He offered them food and water and then asked them about their folks. They started weeping, they were understandbly freightened and perplexed. He asked if their dad had a radio. They didbn't know. He pulled out one from his car and showed them his. The older girls said yes her dad had a similar thing.

    He started calling around and spread the word about two lost kids. An hour a guy called and said he heard someone on the radio asking of anyone found two girls. He promised to search for that dad over the radio. A few minutes later the dad called and asked for GPS coordinates and the family was united a few hours later.

    These two girls were camping with their family somewehre. The younger girl wanted to "go" and the older one went with her. They only walked a round some sand dune and then got puzzled ( cause all sands look alike) and just went in the worng direction. Family didnt notice their absense until it was dinner time and they didn't show up.

    It was a story with a happy end, but it could have ended very ugly.
    The desert is not a good place to get lost ibn, especially for untrained city people . And I wonder how many sad stories we have to read before we think of doing things in a different way.

    The minimum these 2 girls should have had on them were a flaslight and a whistle. I would even add a walkie talkie and a small bottle of water plus a pace blanket.
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    A few days ago, I had to get my son to a place where he had to take a test for future college admission. I asked him to take a bag with all he MAY need and then leave it in the car if he did not need it. I suggested he take a calculator , extra pen ..etc. He was sure that calculator is not needed and I beleieved him BUT I wanted him to learn this strategy of being "prepared" for any possibility.

    He didn't need it in this test, but in a previous situation he needed one and didn't have it. I ended up driving hysterically to a nearby store and lucklily finding they had scientific calculators.

    I don't see it that hard to be prepared, and often think why people PLAN to be un-prepared.

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    These are excellent points sinbad being prepared isn't always about disasters it is more about the little things , thanks for the reminder.
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    Exactly Tirediron

    Actually I believe that "waiting for the big one" is part of the dillema of being prepared or unprepared. "Big ones" don't happen that often , but small emergencies are always around us.
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    Today's newspapers over here in Saudi Arabia covered the latest vicious attacks on churches in Egypt and Iraq.

    Some Muslim Iraqis and Egyptians suggested that Muslims join christians in their church paryers to show the maniacs the EVERYONE wants to live in peace and that these countries are shared by both Muslims and Christians.

    Unfortunately, these maniacs have supporters among some politicians in the area . For example, leftovers of the Baath Party in Iraq (Saddam's party) are making a comeback. Thanks to some influencial powers that caused a stalemate in the political process in Iraq, and insisted that these Bathists are taken back or live without a government.
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    I miss the old days when i was single.
    I did what I wanted when I wanted , no questions asked .

    Those days I would leave work and , well, have craving for sitting at the beach and having tea/coffe while enjoying the sunset and the evening breeze. Nothing to it, since I had most everything already in the trunk of my car. I would just stop at a store for supplies, and a gas fill up and go.

    When I arrived, I got from the trunk one box of wood , and another box of stuff. I would start fire, make tea/coffee and just relax. Somtimes I slept over there.

    Once i was awakened by a policeman and I asked him if I had to leave the area. He said : no, but only checking things.

    oooooh. Those were the days. :flower:

    Now, before even thinking about going anywhere, there is many "decision makers" to consult with , from wife to the 10 years old who has an exam and can't go until next week :mad: ... and the policeman now will suspect you, and ask what you were doing sleeping there , and then won't beleive your answer anyway. :ignore:

    Most kids are attached to e-games
    They don't know what they are missing in the outdoors. But thenm again they are right, much of teh "outdoors" has been swallowed by urban expansion and land development. When the beach becomes more crowded than a mall in a weekend, staying home becomes the option.

    BTW, has anyone heard of the term "stay-cation" ( stay-vacation ) where you spend your vacation at home ?
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    Seriously??!!?! Your wife, if you have one, must really tire of having to take care of EVERYTHING ...

    Sinbad, I am enjoying your blog so far. You make some very valid points and your stories are a reminder to everyone to be our brother's keeper if at all possible.

    There was a story on the news not too long ago about a couple who had a car wreck on the way home. The next day he was found dead behind the wheel of the car but she was nowhere in sight. Seems that a body has turned up now and they suspect that she was found by someone who took advantage of her and then killed her.

    Not everybody is good at heart unfortunately.
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    Sinbad sometimes life turns you around. Keep up the post and like whats been said it doesnt always have to be a shtf reason to be prepared.
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    You know you are right it isn't always huge disasters... And it is funny because my trunk stuff that I intended for pleasant evenings on the beach came in handy in a small survival situation I faced.

    A few decades ago, constructions started on a major highway between the city where I live and work and the city where my parents lived. Once i was driving back to my town and there were many detours. Night came and it was very hard to see through the detours and dirt roads and find where the highway was.

    I reached to an area surrounded by batches of sand. I could see the asphalt road but couldn't drive the 20 yards or so through sand in my sedan. I decided to "camp" there and in the daylight I would see a much larger area and find my way though. I opened the trunk, got the two boxes and started fire and prepared tea.

    A truck driver apparently saw the fire and stopped by. He knew the road inch by inch because he drives there daily. We shared tea and he asked me to follow him. I drove behind him through a maze of dirt roads until I reached the asphalt road and waved him goodbye.

    In those days I didn't see myself as being (prepared). I just saw myself as (camping enthusiast). And that came handy.
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    Ah....alas. The things we miss. Someday those kids will be grown and gone.

    Mine seemed little for so long. I blinked. They grew up.

    I miss the days when they were under my roof; when I saw them daily. I miss the things we did together, even when they whined when I pulled them away from things such as video games, and afterward they were full of thanks for the good time we had!

    Funny how looking back we reminisce about things that at the time we didn't appreciate.

    Even such things as being single and longing for a mate, and perhaps a family, with which to share our life.

    Sinbad, I am very much enjoying your stories. I'm glad the little girls were found safely. Many times here in America we read of such a thing, where someone wandered just a short way from a camp and got lost. It's nice to hear when there's a happy ending.
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    Sadly many stories have unhappy endings

    In the U.S. you have people being smuggled in from Mexico or other countries. In my country too, some are smuggled from Africa or Yemen. Sadly, many die in the desert. Last year the media here got stirred over the number of bodeis scattered in the desert and investigations were started by the police but seemigly led to nowhere.

    It is really sad to see people in war-torn countries as those people have bad choices, either stay and die a terrible death, or try to sneak in another country which also very risky. Many have died a slow painful death after being lost in the merciless sands.
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    I cliked on your (Modern Survival) signature and saw the magazine cover. It reminded me of something scary/funny that happend to me in the past.

    Before the internet, I used to subscribe in magazines like Mother Earth News and many others. One day I saw a "survival" magazine that looks almost exactly like this Modern Survival. I susbcribed and began to receive the issues. After going through a few issues I didn't like what I was getting.

    Most of the focus was on GUNS, where I am mostly concerned with SAFETY issues. I liked a few articles about floods and earthquakes but didn't like the two thirds of the magaizne dedicated to guns.

    In addition, guns are not permitted or encouraged around here so I got more worried that someone will ask me WHY I was subscribing in a GUN magazine. :(

    Luckily no one asked , that was before 911, and life was more relaxed then, but even then I asked the magazne folks to just stop sending it. Funny thing is next issues kept coming and i was even more worried. GUNS were on the cover of EVERY issue. :( and it was not funny anymore !!

    I nearly freaked out and wrote them :
    please stop sending the magazine and (keep the change) ..
    LOL :D

    Finally they stopped it and I had a sigh of relief.

    Now looking back I still wonder why some preppers put so much emphasis on guns. OK we understand defending oneself. But prepping should be even and cover all categories in a rational way.

    I read somewhere on a prepper forum a question like this about some people who spend lots of time on a shooting range while they don't have a week's worth of food at home.
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    gypsysue The wanderer

    Yes, I think I remember the magazine you're referring to. It might have been "American Survival Guide". It was popular in the '80s and '90s. It did have a heavy focus on guns.

    The magazine, "Modern Survival" on my signature line is published by the same man. Unfortunately, he still has lots of guns on the cover, but the articles are most like the things on this forum. My husband and I both write for them. I have two articles in the current issue. One deals with gathering and using Rose Hips, the other is titled "Less is More", and it deals with saving money by using less of products such as toothpaste, laundry soap, etc.

    So despite the guns on the online cover (being an online-only magazine), most of the magazine is about other things.

    However, although we receive income writing for them, there is so much information available for free on the internet it hardly seems worth paying for a subscription to anything.

    As for why some preppers put so much emphasis on guns, my own theory is that those kind of people don't feel adequately prepared in the other aspects of survival. Guns = power, or acquisition of food. Though even if they mean "by hunting game animals" rather than taking other people's food by force, the number of animals available to hunt is finite, especially in a world where everyone is hungry.

    A few guns and a lot of ammo for defense, yes, that's a good idea. But prepping is so much more. This forum is great in that it emphasizes all the many areas of preparedness and is not focused just on guns and weapons. There are those who keep pushing it out in front as the most important aspect, and for them it probably is.

    But food should be at the top of the list, along with things like water and basic medical supplies, etc. Even better is having what is needed to produce food in the future, such as gardens, fruit trees, etc.
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    Last year I was talking about "bad times" with a relatives, especially seeing TV footage of the situation in Iraq ..etc. We had different approches to the problem. He said : I am thinking to buy some firearm, at least a handgun. You never know.

    My response: You are right. You NEVER know if a gun maybe needed or not, but you DEFINITELY know that in a messy situation like that you need plenty of food and water storage. So, how big is your water storage capacity ??

    Around here we have concrete homes and buildings. Water storage tanks are usually located on the upper roof of the building. On top of my house I have 2 tanks x 1.5 m³ of water. There is a separate tank ( 1.5 m³ ) for the kitchen plus two tanks at ground level with total capacity of 2.5 m³ . Grand total = 7 m³ ( 1850 gallons ).

    My brother house has 12 m³ of water storage. However, my relative who is thinking to buy a firearm has only a total of 3 m³ ( 790 gallons). I think he should seriously review his water assets.

    About prep magazines, they should really review their cover focus. Sometimes they should feature handtools ( e.g. multitools ) sometimes gardening tools and structures (e.g. greenhouses) and sometimes focus on some popular themes like urban gardeing ..etc. But you are right. It is now so easy to read things online and even save them to build a personal library.
  15. gypsysue

    gypsysue The wanderer

    When American Survival Guide magazine was bought by another company they renamed it "Self-Reliance" and started putting other pictures on the cover. In less than a year it had folded and went out of business. It was during the time here in the US when Ruby Ridge, Wako, and the Oklahoma City bombing took place, and people were scared to subscribe to magazines like that, and maybe end up on an FBI list or something.

    Even now we have an idiosyncrasy in our government, kind of like the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing, etc. On one hand, certain government offices distribute emergency preparedness information and encourage having a 3-week to a 3-month supply of food and other emergency supplies.

    Yet, other government offices suspect people who DO buy and store those supplies as being potential enemies of the state.

    The water storage tanks all of you have sound like a great thing. More of us over here should have those! We use rainwater for our garden, laundry, dishes, and baths/showers, but don't have as much storage capacity as you do. We can store around 1,200 gallons.

    Your comment about being able to save online information and create one's own library is true. The nice thing is that you can save the items you find useful and not have stacks of magazines with one or two useful articles in them, with the rest of it just taking up space!
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    Exact copy here. :mad:

    Highways and roads are breaking every nut and bolt in our cars. Some contract is granted to a company to do whatever, they dig the street and mess the neighborhood for a year or two. They finish and pave the road clean. Two months later, another copany is granted some other contract and they dig the SAME street an dmess up the same neighborhood for another two years :mad:

    Some contactor dug up the street near my dad's house to build a bridge. Then AFTER digging , utility companies were contacted to shift electric cables !!! The Utility Co. answered that they were not told before and their staff were busy in a long list of projects. The contactor has to wait 2 years before utility co. can cooperate in this project. So my dad's neighborhood is all dug up and waiting !!!! :eek:

    Actually, this nonesense is another reason why I insist on being prepared for almost anything. This messy environment gurantees a continuous supply of surprises and inconveniences if not real emergencies ( like a suburban went straight down in an excavation last week).

    I was reading local newspapers today and saw this ( MORE projects - tunnels, bridges ..etc. are planned this coming year in this area) ...

    My reposne : MY GOD !!! Time to dump the small GHB and replace it with a larger one.
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    Life is perfectly imperfect



    I already have a notebook-style tool pouch like this one in the picture ( well almost like it ).


    Although this pouch is great for organizing tools and misc. prep and EDC items, but it would be nicer if there were a medium size bag that would swallow this tool pouch plus have pockets for multitools, pocket knives or small flashlights and space enough for cell phone chargers and other stuff like digital cameras and cam to PC cables ..etc..

    So, I started looking for a utility bag to contain all my gadgets/tools in an organized way. After lots of searching , it almost fell from the sky at my feet. A neighboring office was being cleaned up and lots of junk was there including this old 13 inch laptop bag. It has a zippered compartment for the laptop and another zippered comaprtment for the gadgets ( charger and cables ..etc. ) plus a large front pocket with organizer for pens or whatevr.

    The main laptop compartment did house the tool pouch nicely. The other compartment will house chargers and cables, and the front pocket will take some multitools, pocket knives, flashlights and more.

    It is PERRRRRFECT !!

    The design is just perfect for what I needed. I have a laptop bag for my 15.6 inch laptop but it is too big. This 13 inch laptop bag is really really nice and even the size is perfect.

    AND it is FREE
    How much more perfect anything like this can be ???

    Oh, did I say it was perfect ?

    Here is when perfection meets obstacles.
    This bag looks like a laptop bag. Well, it IS a laptop bag and this is the problem. Its REAL contents ( my junk ) are no more than $ 100 worth, but any would-be thief may think it has a $1000 laptop inside it !!!

    Low profile in reverse . LOL :D

    So, here is my question to low profile experts. How do you take something really interesting like this bag, and convert it to something NOT interesting ?
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    Well, this might not be a good recommendation for you, since you live in Saudi Arabia, but in the US, people looking to disguise something like a laptop computer or tools can buy a large Bible case; the nylon bag cases with zippers and handles. That's what I did for my netbook computer. No one will steal it...they think it's a Bible and probably a bunch of Bible study books and stuff! :eek:

    Reminds me of a cartoon I saw once. This guy was pointing at the t-shirt he had on and telling his friend "It always gets me a seat by myself on the bus!". The shirt said "Let's talk about Jesus!" :D
  19. sinbad

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    Reminds me of a colleague at work.

    A laptop and few other things have been stolen from our office, and I became too sensitive to leave anything exposed. My colleague continues to leave things like a valuable science/engineering book on the desk. When I ask him to put it in a safer location, he says : this is science, no one cares for science. LOL :D
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    Sinbad, enjoying your blog, keep it up.