simple practice involving surplus and waste...

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  1. SurviveNthrive

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    Today I'd an example of 'issuing' at a personal level.

    Instead of simply passing on a surplus item on to someone it'd fit, how about sitting on it, and providing it only when needed.

    For example, I've been sitting on a nice fleece hoodie, brand new, a free item tossed in as a thank you for a big order. Normally I simply pass it on to someone who it'd fit, and normally, it's not when the person needs, is thinking about, or even truly appreciates the item and the item is forgotten, lost or damaged before it can be used.

    today, by chance, I gave that fleece hoodie to a friend. He'd broken the zipper on the fleece jacket he was wearing. The new article of clothing came at the right time and he put it right on. It will be worn.

    This is a simple practice-giving or 'issuing' an item when needed, not just just handing it off because it fits. I don't know how many dollars worth of items I provided to family members at the wrong time, and when it was needed, they didn't know where it was or else it'd been moved along.

    Of course there are exceptions. One company sent me, get this, sleeved camo blanket, a tactical snuggie.:rolleyes:

    When in the world would that ever be needed?
  2. kyfarmer

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    That's fur sneekin up ya old lady when she least expects it, lol. Ya might wana but her one. LOL. :rolleyes: I happen to see one of those the other day and i stood and wasted 10 min. of my day trying to guess whats it for. If ya find out let me know. :dunno: Giving when needed is in my opine is the way to go with extra's.

  3. SurviveNthrive

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    I'd worried I'd not conveyed it well, but basically give it when needed, not when someone is there, I guess is the basis. When it's not needed, it's not valued.
  4. mosquitomountainman

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    Very true!!!
  5. kyfarmer

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    You conveyed it well, i just ain't right. Ask anybody lol. The idea of sharing surplus when someone is in need is a good way to use extra resources. Giving when the need arises would be much better than doleing out just to remove it from stock. My opine great idea.
  6. gypsysue

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    Gee...if I was nearby, SNT, your friend could have given me the fleece hoodie with the broken zipper! I could have seam-ripped the zipper out and put a new one in! I don't have a fleece jacket!

    Your point is good. We should follow the example!
  7. Salekdarling

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    The only issue I have with sitting on things and waiting to hand them out is clutter. I'm not a fan, and if I have it, it will be a mess in my house because I don't know what to do with it....and I'm a huge procrastinator when it comes to organizing. If I do not have a lot of clutter, than you could consider me a clean person...but in actuality I am the most disorganized person you would see in your life. I don't try to be. Working on not being a clutterbug. :-(
  8. HarleyRider

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    I think all of my surplus went to my waist. :D
  9. Jason

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    Any number of websites exist to handlejust this type of thing. Craigslist has a wanted section, for example. SNT's idea is an excellent one, and to me at least, now that I think about it, if I have something (using the hoodie for example) I'd rather it go where it's most needed. I get a free hoodie and don't need it or want it. I could just give it to a friend who will accept it and be thankful but just toss it in a drawer. I then check the net and see someone has an ad that says laid off-need winter clothes. I'd rather it go to that person.

    Good thought to share, SNT!