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Has anyone actually installed one of these next to their submersible well pump?
I have a 5 in. well with water at 70 ft. I called a couple well companies here and they said they had experience installing them. The year 2000 thing spooked a lot of people, they said.
Anyways when the tax refund comes home, I want to do this early next year. I'm planning on it costing around $2000, pump and the labor.
Once that's in, the plan is to plumb into the line going to my well house where the pressure tank is. The kit for this has a check valve, and pressure gauge.
I think being able to hand pump up my pressure tank to have water in the house has great appeal if a power failure happens.
If anyone has done this, how'd it work out?


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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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