Signs the collapse in Europe is coming quickly?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by BillS, Aug 3, 2011.

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    "Greece in panic as it faces change of Homeric proportions; Fear is driving a silent bank run in Greece – but some see the government's austerity plans as a chance to transform"
    Greece in panic as it faces change of Homeric proportions | World news | The Guardian

    "Europe on Brink of 'Major Financial Collapse': Guggenheim CIO"
    News Headlines

    "Greece: The create escape
    Economic meltdown is forcing an exodus of creative Greeks, unprepared to trust their future to their crippled homeland. Sophia Ignatidou hears their tales"
    Greece: The create escape - Europe, World - The Independent

    Equities ditched as eurozone fears bite
    Equities ditched as eurozone fears bite -

    Euro-Zone Debt Woes Get Messier
    Euro-Zone Debt Woes Get Messier - MarketBeat - WSJ

    Italy under fire in widening euro debt crisis
    Italy under fire in widening euro debt crisis - Yahoo! Finance
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    All the PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain) are done. Kaput.
    I assume this means the Euro will tank at some point, I am wondering what this will mean for its future. If only France and Germany are left, then whats the point? Would they go back to the Franc/Mark?

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    The empire will be revised,not sure what shape in will be in,but it will come back,Rome will be a big contributor to it.Germany is closer now to the Pope than ever before.
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    What I've read about the financial crisis in Europe is that eventually it will create a problem 10 times bigger than the financial crisis in 2008. Banks all over the world have bought large amounts of European debt. That includes banks in the U.S., Germany, France, and the UK. The IMF will step in with as much money as necessary to provide stability. That means the Federal Reserve will PRINT as much money as the IMF needs. What if it's $10 trillion? What if that causes the dollar to lose 25% or more of its value over night? That could cause the dollar to immediately lose it's status as the world's reserve currency. And when that happens the dollar could lose 90% of it's value in a very short time.
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    Word from somebody that knows says when the Euro devalues,the dollar will go through the floor and the uber depression will begin.

    I always thought the end would come in the thunder of missiles or meteors or a plague,not the growl of three billion empty stomachs.

    Yard salad and roast pigeon anyone?:ignore:
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    Intresting the the Birthplace of Democracy may also be the Birthplace of the Global Economic Meltdown.
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    Not so hard to believe though because it is a meltdown which has come about by the greed of the mob mentality of democracy. Democracy can be very dangerous -- this is why in the beginning only men who owned property could vote. It is true that black men could not vote (couldnt own land either I think) and that was a bad idea but it was the northern states that didnt want blacks to have the vote. I would be OK with repealing ammendments to the point that only (legal black, white, red, blue, green) land owners (lets say 1 acre with a house... maybe just owning a house) could vote. Ill even jump in the mess a little bit and say there is nothing wrong with men being the only ones to have a vote because I believe it puts more power into the hands of familys instead of individuals.

    Just a tidbit of history and perspective to take for what its worth.

    If things dont change soon we have the same mob mentality to look forward to dragging us to the floor too... its nearly inevitable.
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    I have no problem with women voting. I do, however, believe that some sort of qualification should be necessary in order to vote. Owning land is good, but there are lots of intelligent people who do not currently own land. I have always felt that people should have to pass a test about the issues at hand before they are allowed to vote. We have devolved into a nation who votes by an "American Idol" standard of qualification. "Who is the coolest and the one who will sell the most magazines?"
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    Oh, dont get me wrong. Im not necessarily against women voting. I just beleive there was some wisdom involved with the way it was set up and it promoted family values instead of personal gain -- its not a super big deal but I do think there was wisdom in it.

    As for qualifications to vote: I dont think intelligence should be the primary qualification but rather folks who have a real stake in things. Folks that owned land at the time were invested in the future of the nation and were generally the hard working type. The same can be said for many folks who own a house today. The real difference being that at least until recent years ANYBODY could get a loan and buy a house. There are always going to be some folks voting for the wrong reasons but the original regulation was wise in that it cut that way way down. We also didnt believe we were voting directly for the president... things were much different then... and much better.

    Back to the OP: So many of the Greeks have just been effectively voting themselves raises for years... and we are doing the same thing. One day we will end up in the same place if we follow the same path.
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    Case in point??
    I'm from Springfield, Tennessee...and the city was about to raise property taxes for funding a new high school:scratch...because the black population was 'unsustainable' that word:rolleyes:??

    TSHTF...and residents said oh, hell, are building a school for the blacks, let the blacks fund it---hence, the sales tax closed.:congrat:
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    Back to the OP....after the market fall today over growing global concerns, things may be setting themseleves up for a big fall.

    I also believe that it's gonna happen very quickly when it does start. And no one in the world will be safe from it.

    Watch the markets tonite and first thing in the am....and see if the DOW has a little buy back tomorrow. If it doesn't but has another day like today, it will be sphincter tightening time for the weekend and waiting for Monday....

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    The reason that I feel there should be a test regarding familiarity with the issues is not based on intelligence or education, but to avoid what happened with Obama: he was the "feel good" candidate that all of the liberal window-lickers wanted to win, not because he had any sort of experience or coherent plans, but because he was the "cool kid". Most of the people who voted for him had no idea for what he stood. This phenomenon is not isolated to the Democrats, however; too many people simply vote along the party lines without knowing for what they are voting.

    I love this example (not a big fan of Howard Stern, but it makes the point very well):
    [ame=]‪Howard Stern BUSTS on Harlem Blacks about Obama...‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]

    Now, it's funny that military service was mentioned. Has anyone ever read Plato's "Republic"? In the book, Plato outlines the idea attributes of a perfect republic; one of the requirements which I agree with whole-heartedly is that to earn the right to vote, a citizen should be a property owner, and if he does not own property, he should serve the republic for a period of time, either in the military, the operation of the government, or as a cleric (state religion and all that). Now, obviously, I wouldn't suggest throwing religion into the mix, but I whole-heartedly feel that the other is perfectly acceptable. In order to have a vote, indeed to become a citizen, one must either own land, serve in the military, or serve in the government. :2thumb:
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    Turtle... OMG! Thanks for posting the video, and I'm GLAD I took the time to watch it! :eek: :gaah: Good lord, what ignorant people.
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    Seventy Percent

    Seventy percent of the high school students tested could not name the first President.

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    No problem! See what I mean, though? Those morons had a vote equal to your own... and that, my friends, is how a nitwit with a good image, a skilled speech writer, and a lot of empty promises gets elected.

    That is why I feel that the voters should have to display some familiarity with the issues before they are allowed to vote; how can one vote on a subject one knows nothing about?
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    IMO,nobody on wefare or any government handout should be allowed to vote.if your on welfare than your not a free man or woman,your a kept ward of the state.So you will vote to keep the gravy coming.
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    Also a good point, and one with which I can get on board. I also endorse the new Florida law that people receiving welfare must pass a drug test.
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    Absolutely!:congrat:..Go to any ghetto and all you see are drug addict and pushers.A gang of thug hanging around acting 'cool'.