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Discussion in 'Livestock' started by mystery, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. mystery

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    What is the difference between a show cow and a regular cow? How much do people make off of show cows? Thx if you know
  2. dilligaf

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    as with any animal the pedigree dictates the price and with any animal you can profit as much as the market will bear.

    its really no different than say a cocker spaniel. you can have a akc registered cocker spaniel that isnt show quality due to its bloodline. that dog will not fetch the same price as a dog with a superior bloodline that is show quality..
    hope that makes sense

  3. marilynhanson

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    Does anyone know how profitable it is to show cows?
  4. OFG

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    Do show cows taste better than regular cows? Provide more meat or milk? Or are they just more expensive and aesthetically pleasing?
  5. dilligaf

    dilligaf Well-Known Member

    a cow is a cow, there diet dictates the taste of the meat as with any livestock.a pedigree cow will not produce anything any better than a average cow of the same breed.

    the only way showing them is profitable is to invest a small fortune into it.have a top bloodline animal,travel to the finest shows etc. etc.

    its basically a really REALLY exspensive hobby..
  6. TechAdmin

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    They cost a fortune to raise and show. I know lots of people in 4H that did it plus some of them got attached to it.