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how far away were they from the gelatin when they fired? I didn't see that, only that they were taken from a "known distance"

i'm guessing it isn't muzzle to gel close but are we talking about 3 feet, 1 foot? are these representative of a target that would be in ones home at a distance of say 10 feet?
Deeper in the article they mention 3 yards and some out to 5 yards.. I've never conducted this kind of test but by shooting all buck shot sizes at standard Bianchi Plates ( 8") out to 30 yds # 1 buck was the only one that would knock down the plates at that range, #4 was a waste of time as was 00... I also have tried lately the Controlled flight buckshot (00) and it is the best for reaching out a ways.. I do wish they would make that load in #1 buck...

I've shot a lot of slugs and have found they all perform good as to accuracy but the Win. full power slugs are the best in my Saiga..very good out to 125 yds, that's where I stopped testing them..

Just my take on a very good test!!...great post..

And I agree the Box O Truth is a very good site!!...
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