Shocking - Islam is Encroaching ...

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    This is shocking, and should be a wake-up call to everyone .....

    [ame=]YouTube - Islamic colonization world CZ titulky[/ame]
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    I am Muslim and can tell you without seeing the video that it is oversimplifying everything. Most of these so called "documentaries" are like that.

    Here is one example of why the contents are oversimplified. Take ANY strict Islamic country like Iran or Saudi Arabia, even Afghanistan. There will be lots and lots of technocrats that, while can be countred as Muslims, but the US of A is more dear to them than thier own countries.

    Remeber Somalia and its warlord Moahmmad Farih Aideed (sp?).
    His (supposedly Muslim) son was a U.S. marine !!! Go figure !

    I personally know a PhD in Chemistry who migrated and setteled in the US. You may expect that from poorer countries like Pakistan or Egypt , you never expect that he was from Saudi Arabia. Yes, THE oil rich Saudi Arabia. He is just too ( fill in your favourite word) to accept living in anything but American type environment. And yes, his papers say he is a Muslim.

    So, don't bother much with numbers. Not all Muslims are real Muslims, not all Christians are real Christians , and so the same for Jews or Hindus ..etc.

    FWIW, we have Hindus in Saudi Arabia who started eating burgers from McDonald. (You know Hindus are not supposed to consume beef) . When they visit their relatives in India in summer vacations, they keep quiet about it. If they mention what they ate when they were in Saudi Arabia, they may be labeld "infidels" by their Hindu relatives.

    Talking of Hindus, we could just say the same about Hindus in the Arabian Gulf states. They are in huge numbers, maybe exceeding the original Muslim population in Dubai for example. So, does that count as encroaching too ?

    Writing as a friend.
    With max respect to all religions.

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    "I am Muslim and can tell you without seeing the video that it is oversimplifying everything."
    Might be a good idea to at least try and figure out what the damn question is before offering a reply. The standard "whatever it is muslims didn't do it " is getting old.
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    I didn't say that Muslims didn't do it and not looking for excuses for anything. We (Muslims) have been bleeding by bothe AL-Qaeda and Israel , both of whom are supported by American tax money. And I have said earlier that I am not wasting anytime on "explaining" anything regarding Islam.

    Why I dont want to figure out which Q it is ? Some American evangelists have already spread "documermtaries" about "dangers" of Islam spreading allover the world or the U.S. And my only answer to them is : they are trying to cover their LOOTING of Jesus money and sending it to the worst maniacs around the world.

    In my view, there is absolutely no difference between Osama Bin Laden and Pat Robertson or Franklin Graham. And there is absolutely no difference bwteen Al-Qaeda and Black Water.

    Ask them evangelists and politicians to support you facing the melting economy, instead of pumping your money abroad. You don't even know what they do with that money !

    Forget about sinbad who is a Muslim
    Next time when you hear some evagelists talking about pilgrimage to Palestine, go there and try to chat with some CHRISTIAN clergy from Palestinian origin. He is NOT a Muslim. Just ask a few questions about your evangelists and listen what he says. He will show you how far they have wandered from the path of Jesus Christ. And he will show you that the west does have a Chrsitain evangelist version of Al-Qaeda . Off course, their victims are not in U.S. streets , so you do nt know or care about them. But many Muslims become enraged by their actions.

    Ask your poiliticians and evangelists to see where every cent goes, and if you succeed you will be shocked.

    And again, not looking for excuses for our maniacs, just telliing you it is U.S. politicians who trained them to do what they do.

    I think I have to collect quotes from forum members about how bad some US politicians are. It amazes me that some Americans want to belive they are only bad WITHIN THE US. They are doing same mess abraod, and others don't care it is Obama or Bush, others only say : Americans caused this mess.
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