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What animal would produce more meat over time if I purchased some; sheep or cows?
On most pasture, one cow eats as much as five goats or sheep. The smaller stock will mature and be large enough to butcher (120 lbs) in 6-8 months. The cow takes 18-24 months to reach 1200 lbs.

We used to buy dairy caves before they were weened in the spring and often butchered them at 4-500 lbs in late fall. We called them freezer calves. This is a good alternative.

If you are doing math, the goats and sheep produce more meat in less time with less food. If you have to buy hay for winter feeding the decision is easy. Butcher your lambs and kids in the fall and carry over only your breeding stock.

If you have a small pasture, limited hay storage, or fewer folks at the table, the goat or sheep makes more sense. If you have lots of pasture and a big family to feed, consider freezer calves.

I used to raise pigs, rabbits, and chickens as well. The correct answer is to raise all of them.
1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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