Sex and the Survivalist.

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    Probably offensive as hell,but you need to think about this stuff NOW!

    Ok,there you sit in your shelter,the SHTF and society went poof,your wife/GF/significant other is looking real good after a couple of weeks and that bothersome buzz just won't go away and you can't spare the water for a cold shower......well,they're willing and.....a few weeks later she's pregneant and theres not a doctor or functional hospital for days!if you can't deliver that baby or there's a complication,your partner will probably die!good job Rambo,you just killed your best friend!or at the very least you brought a kid into the world who has loads of needs you can't deliver on.WHOOPS!

    Now then,if this little bedtime story from hell has you wondering.....

    (1)Stock condoms,birth control pills,and a little saltpeter in your cornflakes never hurt anybody!

    (2)Alternative sexual practices,sure it hurts,but nothing like that baby you'll have!:eek:

    (3)Masturbate,mutually masturbate,practice oral sex,anything but get preagneant in a world gone to hell!

    *But my faith says all that stuff is WRONG!*

    Well now,what do you think god will forgive sooner,being a bit kinky or bringing a baby into the world to starve to death,that or an un assisted birth killing her because YOU couldn't control your sinner's urges?

    Now I admit all this was done a bit tongue in cheek*no pun intended*but you have to think about this stuff,ESPECIALLY in this world!
  2. pills

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    Kids have been birthed in worse conditions than what we could possible experience and they made it.

  3. Canadian

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    I always have a very large supply of condoms on hand. Enough to last several months.
  4. Skybells

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    I have to agree...Babies have been born in worse situation for 1,000's of years....and some how they make it....We are just in a day and age that we are all very spoiled with things, and services that we would all scratch our heads to try and figure it out..... Best to read up on a whole lot of subjects and become educated......

    I think there's a book called " where's there is no doctor" I hear it's a great book to have around. Where There Is No Doctor: A Village Health Care Handbook: Jane Maxwell, Carol Thuman, David Werner, Carol Thuman, Jane Maxwell: Books

    There's one for "where there is no dentist" also
  5. The_Blob

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    and the mortality rate was (& is) pretty darn high...

    50 miles from the nearest medical professional with adequate supplies/facilities, you have no functioning transportation & your pregnant significant other has total placenta pravia... that's a death sentence without treatment

    The most common direct causes of maternal death are severe bleeding (25%), infection (15%), unsafe abortion (13%), eclampsia (pregnancyinduced hypertension, often accompanied by seizures, 12%), and obstructed labor (8%).

    Table 1. Maternal conditions most frequently reported in studies included in the WHO/HRP systematic review.

    Morbidity & # of studies (%)

    Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy 885 (14.9)
    Stillbirth 828 (13.9)
    Preterm delivery 489 (8.2)
    Induced abortion 400 (6.7)
    Haemorrhage (antepartum, intrapartum, postpartum, unspecified) 365 (6.2)
    Anaemia 267 (4.5)
    Placenta anomalies (pravia, abruptio, etc.) 245 (4.1)
    Spontaneous abortion 235 (4.0)
    Gestational diabetes 224 (3.8)
    Ectopic pregnancy 146 (2.5)
    Premature rupture of membranes 140 (2.4)
    Perineal laceration 139 (2.3)
    Uterine rupture 116 (2.0)
    Obstructed labour 102 (1.7)
    Depression (postpartum, during pregnancy) 96 (1.6)
    Puerperal infection 86 (1.5)
    Violence during pregnancy 77 (1.3)
    Urinary tract infection 66 (1.1)
    Malaria 54 (0.9)
    Other conditions 973 (16.4)
    Overall 5933

    Table 2. Causes of maternal death in developed countries

    Morbidity Percentage

    Other direct causes of deaths 21.3
    Hypertensive disorders 16.1
    Embolism 14.9
    Other indirect causes of deaths 14.4
    Haemorrhage 13.4
    Abortion 8.2
    Ectopic pregnancy 4.9
    Unclassified deaths 4.8
    9. Sepsis/infection 2.1
    HIV/AIDS 0.0

    Table 3. Causes of maternal death in the 3rd world

    Morbidity Percentage

    Haemorrhage 33.9
    Other indirect causes of deaths 16.7
    Sepsis 9.7
    Hypertensive disorders 9.1
    HIV/AIDS 6.2
    Unclassified deaths 5.4
    Other direct causes of deaths 4.9
    Obstructed labour 4.1
    Abortion 3.9
    Anaemia 3.7
    Embolism 2.0
    Ectopic pregnancy 0.5
  6. Magus

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    Condoms make great water buckets.
  7. pills

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    Wow and just think there are billions of us now. Not saying there wasnt/isnt a risk. Just saying somehow we have made it here...
  8. sailaway

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    This thought has run throught my mind, but my wife and I are done. We are both older and incapable. It is safe for us to practice all we want.:D
  9. Canadian

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    More condoms for me.
  10. NaeKid

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    Call me whatever - but - I would screw them all. In a SHTF situation and the world has gone to hell in a handbasket I would be trying to make as many babies as I possibly could with as many women as I could. Nothing like trying to populate your area with offspring!
  11. Canadian

    Canadian Well-Known Member

    You'll end up on the post apocalypse version of Jerry Springer. On today's episode: Are you the baby daddy of my three legged six eyed mutant love child?
  12. UncleJoe

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    I've been fixed for 12 yrs, so we also can practice all we want. :D
  13. Canadian

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    Practice makes perfect.
  14. endurance

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    One word: vascectomy
  15. Herbalpagan

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    My youngest daughter (22) who will be our medical person in a SHTF situation, reminded me the other day that she "didn't want to be birthin' no babies!" And that I need to be stocking up on condoms for her, her 2 sisters and my daughter-in-law! :D (kids say the darndest things!)
  16. mandiex4

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    LOL, well I agree with all of you! My hubby has been fixed, but you never know when you will need a condom and you can use them for so many things. I also think baby's are going to be born even if they are not planned for. Even know we don't need them, I think I will stock up on a few now, thanks! LOL, not because I am afraid of babies being born, but because I am afraid of all that other stuff out there that I don't want.
  17. RossA

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    The question is not just can you successfully carry a baby to term and deliver. There is also a moral element to the question.
    If we are really in a bad situation, do you want to bring a child into a world where he or she will live in serious deprivation, lacking basic medical treatment, etc. I know that people live like that in other parts of the world, but do you want YOUR baby to live like that?
  18. QuiltedWorm

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    And where there is no Mid-Wife, Where there is no Doctor for women.....

    I think a big part of this goes along with your faith. For me, God is not going to give me a baby unless it is in His plan and His time. Past that when it does happen, the outcome is in His hands, not mine.

    People lose babies in hospitals with excellent medical care. People also have babies who are healthy in less than ideal situations. You can 'what if' it all the time but in the end I think it comes down to what you believe.
  19. RossA

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    Quilted, I am a Christian, and there is no doubt that without faith many of us could not go on, including me. However, the Bible never asks us to have blind faith and not to exercise judgment about what things are wise and which are not. Remember, Jesus said "thou shalt not put the Lord to the test."

    Having unprotected sex and saying "God won't let me get pregnant unless it's His will" is putting God to the test, at least in my humble opinion. How many unwanted pregnancies occur in this world because people didn't use their heads and just expected that God would protect them in spite of themselves?

    Having faith, using good judgment and being prepared can all go hand in hand.

    I don't mean to sound like I am criticizing an expression of faith, just putting in my 2 cents (or less) worth.
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  20. NaeKid

    NaeKid YourAdministrator, eh?

    "First World" countries have become so "clean" that it is killing us in too many ways. We are not used to death anymore, we are not used to sickness, we are not used to suffering ... and that will become our downfall.

    The strongest will survive - the weak will fade-away.

    Do we want our world filled with weak people - those who are not able to take care of themselves or the others around them - or do we want the world filled with people who are very strong - mind, body, spirit? By giving birth in the harshest of circumstances, that alone will weed out the weakest of our species.

    Before someone starts bashing me - think about the last 2,000 years of life on this planet. We were strong. We could survive cold, heat, exhaustion, working our fingers to the bone and such. Those people that we as humans look up to are the ones who are strong in many ways. Those people that we as humans look down on are those who are screwed up. In a survival situation - I want only the strong around me - none of the weak.